In Childhood Days Playing With Paper Boat | Top school in Greater Noida

After thinking a lot on what to write finally I concluded to go back in earlier times. Where everything was changed as per now. Good morning to Subh Prabhat, digital classrooms to classroom with a single blackboard and students bringing their sitting arrangements with them as well. But don’t you think still that was good. We had more independence to choose, to discover. Surely now at SKS one of the Top school in Greater Noida West have state of the infrastructure, education based on STEM approach but still I feel that we are missing something.

Top school in Greater Noida

Gone are the days when kids come to school in untidy clothes, with double colored socks and school uniform defines the status of the school. But still the fun in wearing two  colored  socks and when caught that pretty smile and sorry were the moments worth to captured.  I urge parents looking for top school Near Noida Extension to find time and think are their kids enjoying their life to the fullest. Are they enjoying like you enjoyed in your school time.  Today in every school we have laboratories but have you thought of those kids where they had their laboratories beneath the beauty of nature. From experimenting with magnifying glass, to test a self made boat in water. I am not forcing anyone to take their kids back to this time but they must make them realize these untold facts to them.

For parents looking for Top CBSE school in Greater Noida we wish you all the best of your selection but as an advice please find a school that not only hold their creativeness in the closed four walls but also let them explore the outer world.  Dear esteemed parents wo bachpan ki kazag ki kiasti may not be able to give it to any single member it will definitely wings to your kids and pleasure , the pleasure which they deserved the most.  In the age of modern and fast growing world when you look for Top ranking school in noida extension one they will surely say “we have vast area , sprawling campus to give your child wings to fly” .

Dear parents we urge you to support us in our initiate to bring back their childhood back, because in lieu of getting maturity they are getting involved in heinous crimes , so please let them come back in their child hood time and feel the beauty and essence of childhood.

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