Proper Utilization Of Technology At TOP SCHOOL NEAR NOIDA EXTENSION

SKS World School is one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida and hence we abide by certain rules and regulations in manner to allow students for using technologies. We are a technically equipped school however we make sure that technology does not affect the mental growth of students.Today through this blog we shall tell you how technology is used in our school and how much they should be used.

Use of technology at one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida         

  • Interactive classrooms by smart board

In the era of smart classrooms, teaching, learning process is made funfiled, excited and innovative with the use of digital technology. Keeping in sync with modern technology we at SKS World School one f the top school provider of best school facility IN Ghaziabad  has enabled  this enabled all its classrooms with smart classes. Each classroom is equipped with the hardware supporting syllabus modules, with an aim to bring a dynamic perspective in education.

  • Robotic Lab

Integrating robotics into our curriculum fulfils the need of present day learning environment where our future leaders need to be technologically sound to take artificial intelligence to the next level. We at one of the Top CBSE School In Noida Extension  have well equipped robotics lab supporting STEM education which encourages question based approach of learning.

Besides all these we make sure that apps and message portals designed for parents to track their child’s development and their status while they are in the bus is among our vital services provided to students with the help of technology.

Now when it comes to restrictions on technology and proper use of it we still focus on using paper material for the process of teaching and learning. None of the students are allowed to use or bring mobiles in the school premises. The school strictly considers that technology should be used in such a way that it only remain to us as boon and not as curse.  We are one of the TOP SCHOOL NEAR NOIDA EXTENSION and to achieve this notion we have strictly abides by the rules and regulation amd do only what is important for our future readers.

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