Leap For The Betterment | Top CBSE schools in Greater Noida

Hello kids, its 29th of February the leap year. So what’s your plan leap like a Spiderman or leap towards a better man? Dear kids, you always have two options in your life select it or let it go. Today this blog by SKS one of the best schools in Noida Extension  we will let you know about some of those better ideas that would help turn yourself in a better human being.

  1. Honesty

Trust me kids honesty is the single gateway to success. Honesty works where nothing works. At SKS one of the Best School In Greater Noida we tend to impart highest sense of moral values in students from the early stage . Honesty is the best policy’ is the popular proverb that reflects the value of truthfulness, honesty and dignity in an individual’s life. The maxim ‘ Honesty is the best policy’ means having positive social qualities, such as truthfulness, loyalty, integrity in all life situations, whether good or bad.

 Top CBSE schools in Greater Noida
  1. Patience

The patience to bear the loss. Patience is not about bearing even the bad things but to react on them also. Every single individual should realize the importance of patience. Lifetime optimism will help them reach out for the stars. You will stop the hasty decisions with patience. Life is not about living in the past, or in the future. Life’s about embracing the moment. Whenever you are in any sort of trouble, people often advise you to have patience. Dear students we at one of the Top CBSE schools in Greater Noida have been able to achieve the notion of being the best just because of patience and honesty.

  1. Good Listener

Good listening is not something that we should be limiting to figures of authority. It’s something you can do with anyone you meet: your friends, your relatives, other important people, new people in your life-and even yourself. Effective listening provides you with many advantages, and also helps the speaker to feel valued. We should listen to what a person says within that feeling. Speakers 

are aware of the words they say and their thoughts or feelings

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