Parent’s Role in Student’s Overall Development | Top Ranking School in East Delhi

Learning is a never-ending process. It doesn’t start or end with school hours. It’s an ongoing process that involves students’ and teachers’ engagement during school and demands parents’ involvement during off-school hours. Teachers can present with students only in schools, and in some cases, they may give in the tuitions classes. At some point, it also becomes the parent’s responsibility to help a child in academics. In today’s blog, SKS World School – the Top Ranking School in East Delhi top ranking school in East Delhi aim at helping parents to understand that they are equally responsible for their child’s overall development, along with the school.

Top Ranking School in East Delhi
What’s your responsibility as a parent for child’s overall development?

Students spend most of their time in the school. But, before school, their home is their school and parents are their teachers. They will learn whatever they will observe at the home. As per observations of the best kindergarten school in East Delhi, if we look at the informal learning possibilities, then old beliefs saying, “Books are the only source of information”, is at the urge of denial.

It’s the point where you as a parent stand like a savior. According to the top CBSE affiliated school in Noida, parents can analysis kids’ overall performance reports, child’s progress, especially when teachers aren’t present to help them with their overall development.

As the top ranking school in Noida, what are we doing?

Nowadays, the internet emerges as the giant source of information that offers countless opportunities to gather ample information with a few clicks’ ease. All the credit goes to technology. Therefore, it’s very important for students to get updated with the latest technologies to cope up with today’s demand. Knowing this, SKS World School – top international school in East Delhi employs the best teaching practices to help students up-to-date with the latest trends.

If one says that technology has become the essential tool of modern-day life, then it’s among those facts that can’t be denied. As per suggestions of the top ranking school in East Delhi, now is the right time for parents to use technological advancements to be a part of their child’s shining academic life.

Track Your Child’s Performance with School’s ERP | Best School in Greater Noida

Technology has always played a vibrant role in reforming the standards of educational systems. Still, digitalization is one of the robust initiatives of the technology that has completely transformed India’s education scope. It is why the Best School in Greater NoidaSKS World School supports digital learning practices and give parent’s access to ERP so that parents can keep an eye on their child’s performance easily.

Barriers to Your Child’s Academic Performances

Despite all, technology is making significant progress in increasing parent’s engagement towards their kid’s academics progress. With discussion with parents, the best school is Greater Noida – SKS World School comes to a conclusion that these days, most of the parents seem extremely busy with their tight schedules of 9 to 5 jobs, and sometimes they hardly get the time to interact with their little ones.

In such scenarios, helping kids with their academics tasks, attending PTMs, and their presence in other related activities becomes next to impossible for such parents. It is not only affecting child’s academic performance, although it may also be down their morale.

  • How Our School’s ERP Can Help You? 

SKS World School – the top school in Greater Noida introduces EPR’s platforms that enable parents to stay connected with their child’s performance while sitting in their offices in simple and easy to go formats that are instantly available on their smart phones. Parents will get complete assessment reports of their kids on how they perform academically, their grades, points where they are lacking, their attendance, and even a small remark from their teachers.

This complete integration of technology and education has witnessed an unexpected change in many students’ overall academics development. It’s the most significant gift of technology the best school in Noida has given to parents and students as well.

For queries related to school admissions in Greater Noida, contact us at +91 9891081240.

SKS World School – Parents 1st Choice for School Admissions in Greater Noida

SKS World School needs no introduction. It’s the best school in Greater Noida, which is popular in the Delhi NCR region for conferring top quality of facilities to the students, from a curriculum to teachers, infrastructure to facilities, and everything here class. With the continuous support of our teachers, we are capable of endowing quality education to our students. At SKS World School, we always strive to give our students a creative and fun learning environment to understand fundamentals easily. Our teachers are experts in every field. This quality of our school makes us the best choice for school admissions in Greater Noida.

school admissions in Greater Noida

Apart from our experienced faculties, we focus on adopting international teaching methods to prepare our students to face everyday challenges easily. It is one of the foremost reasons why we are treated as the top school in Greater Noida. Let’s find out more!

Our Curriculum 

We are the best school in Noida, and its major credit goes to our distinctive schooling practices and our syllabus and curriculum. Our core curriculum focuses not only on the educational areas but also keeps extracurricular activities in an important place. We trust in the overall growth of our students. Therefore, we grant potential assistance to our students to become experts in every field of their lives.

Our Teachers 

When parents select SKS for admissions, they are stepping ahead of giving their kids the best educational facilities. At the top school in Greater Noida, we have a strong network of professional teachers. With their unconditional support, we can offer our little students the best quality of education from their initial days.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about school admissions in Greater Noida, then it’s a perfect time. Online registrations for admissions Session 2021-22 are open. To proceed with admissions, complete the form with your kids’ details and book a seat for your child. Be quick before it gets too late. For more information, feel free to contact us anytime.

Preparing for Engineering Exam | Tips By top international school in Noida

If you are a Class 12 student, then it’s the most prestigious time to be utilized by every science student willing to prepare for one of the most challenging engineering entrance exams, JEE Mains, to make their bright career. Through this article, the top international school in Noida focuses on tips and strategies that will help students prepare for JEE Mains, which is the first step to getting admission to India’s most prestigious engineering colleges.

JEE Mains is specially designed to check applicants’ concepts of subject, speed, accuracy, time management, concentration, and decision-making power. Therefore, a better understanding of concepts is mandatory if students wish to crack this exam. In this post, the top Ranking school in Noida SKS World School, highlights a few tips to help students in preparations. So, let’s get started!

top international school in Noida

Following are some tips for better preparation:

Follow Your Syllabus Carefully 

While starting your preparation, the first thing is to take a brief review of your prescribed syllabus to get the whole idea of the topic covered in the entrance exam. As per suggestions of the teachers of the best school in South Delhi, it’s imperative to manage time and devote equal time to understand basics and concepts. If you wish to prepare for your board exams and entrance exam simultaneously, then follow a pattern. Our teachers recommend students prepare subject in the following manner.

  • First: Mathematics
  • Second: Chemistry
  • Third: Physics
  • Forth: Logical Reasoning
  • Fifth: English

Avoid Shortcuts  

Everyone knows any shortcuts can’t replace that hard work. At every stage of the competition, student has to face challenges. The only method they can adopt to crack this engineering entrance exam is hard work done smartly. If you want to score a good percentile in your exams, then avoid shortcuts. Give adequate time to your preparations and revision. Ask your teachers without wasting any time. Teachers at the best school in East Delhi are available to clear student’s doubts.

As an appearing student, it is essential to focus not only on your speed but also on your ability to crack the engineering entrance exam. We at the top international school in Noida hope that all the tips mentioned above will help you perform your exam best. All the best!

Select SKSWS-137 for Better Education in 2021 | best international school in south delhi

Education is the most vital part of a child’s life. Many unwanted barriers become a hurdle in a child’s educational and mental health. Keeping this mission in mind, SKS World School – the best international school in south delhi  offers best-in-the-class facilities to give their contributions towards enable students to become tomorrow’s responsible citizens. It’s one of the biggest reasons parents Select SKSWS-137 for Better Education in 2021 for their child.

Education is the most potent catalyst for a proper social transformation. It cannot be denied! So many children in our society are unable to gain this privilege to build their social life. Most of the students are studying in their neighboring schools, claiming to be the best cbse affiliated school in noida  . But, in reality, the picture is entirely different. Therefore, most students will not get a chance to learn beyond academics. This foundation gives a hand to build a new present for a successful future for those children. As learning is imperative, it should not be missed in anyone’s life. Then why should the small kids stay away from this beautiful gift?

We Offer Best Facilities To Our Students 

Realizing this, SKS World School – the best school for admissions in South Delhi , beginning in the corridors of education, adopted a lifecycle approach to help students with the best learning skills. Apart from academics, we focus on fulfilling students’ need-based skills, including personality development, career counseling, health care, cultural events, and other extra-curricular activities.

These are only a few initiatives taken by the best international school in south delhi. However, there are miles to go. We believe that our little efforts can help students to lay a foundation for a better future. It is the driving force that encourages SKS World School to give our students the best of everything. If you wish to know more about the initiatives that make us the best school for offering the best school facilities in Ghaziabad, visit our website.

Future Leaders At One Of The Best Schools In Greater Noida

SKS World School is one of the best schools in Greater Noida. It is a tradition at SKS to produce future leaders with academic, ethical and moral knowledge. Since our inception we have seen and met uncountable parents and take pride for being the reason of smile on their face. It has always been a sight to behold and this is only the trust of esteemed parents which has earned us the notion of being most popular schools in Greater Noida.

At SKS World School future leaders are prepared inside the classrooms. However it is not a child’s play to read and nurture the unsettled minds.  SKS World School one of the top CBSE schools in Greater Noida West will share today the teaching pedagogy.

best schools in Greater Noida

The formula of more and less

The formula of more and less is very simple but yet carries a very important place in our teaching methods. We focus on getting more and more practice and notes done in the class itself. The reason behind getting works done in the classroom at one of the top providers of Best school Facility in Greater Noida is to help students obtain maximum number of knowledge from the topic as in class they are more concentrated while at home they focus on games or sometimes unable to concentrate. As well as acknowledging the effect of heavy books and homework on Kid’s mind we adopted this method.

Labs designed as per subjects

To help students get the deep understanding of the subjects taught we at SKS one of the best schools in Greater Noida have aesthetically designed labs having all the modern instruments. Labs help students to have hand on approach as well as they get more interested towards their study.

Yoga and Exercise

It is not only the academic which matters for us, for us the physical and mental strength of students also matters. We can feel the pressure going inside the young minds hence we facilitates students with  Yoga classes as well as a vast playground to keep them mentally and physically strong.

For admissions seeking admissions in Greater Noida for their kids can visit SKS as we are preparing to make them to smile and feel proud got their child.

Check-List To Find The Best International School In South Delhi

At this time of the year, many parents start heading towards searching for the school that is best for their kids. With so many options available in East Delhi who claims to the best whether it’s in terms of facilities, infrastructure, or school activities, so this decision can be overwhelming for most of the parents. Therefore, we bring the top five tips that will help parents to find the best international school in south delhi  for their kids.

Well, no doubt SKS World School is one of the popular school in South Delhi especially when it comes to fledge students with best of everything. If you’ll talk about any of the above-listed features, we take pride to announce that we are best in each field. If you are still wondering to know why we are rated as the best cbse affiliated school in south delhi, then keep following things in your check-list. So, let’s get started!

  • Affiliation | Check school’s details such as affiliation number to check the authenticity
  • Faculty | Keep you focus on teacher to student ratio
  • Facilities | Make sure that the school is well aware of latest teaching techniques
  • Infrastructure | Ensure that the school’s infrastructure is up-to-date
  • Check School Website | For admission procedure and all other important details

Registrations for admission in the best cbse affiliated school in south delhi are open for the new session; i.e; 2021-22. Due to the pandemic, this year SKS World School– one of the best international school in south delhi  is also inviting application via online registration. Therefore, fill your child details and submit the form to give your child an opportunity to get quality education.

If you have any other queries regarding admission procedure, curriculum or fee structure, then feel free to call us at +91 9891081240, 9891081270 anytime during school hours.

SKS World School – Steps for School Admissions in Greater Noida 2021

No doubt, SKS World School is the only school in Noida where students will be prepared for life, focusing on their overall development. Famous for endowing best-in-the-class facilities, the school shares a reputation as the top school in Greater Noida. Every year, we receive numerous applications from Noida and the Delhi NCR for admissions. If you are among those parents who are planning for their child’s school admissions in Greater Noida, then this post is for you. Know necessary steps and admission procedure in advance to avoid any last-minute rush.

The upcoming academic session, i.e., 2021-22, will reassume from April 2021 onwards. But, the school has accepting online registrations. Therefore, if you haven’t submitted the registration yet, then do it now before it gets too late. In the meanwhile, refer to this blog to have an overview of the admission procedure.

Online Registration

SKS World School– the best school in Greater Noida, is offering admission facilities from kindergarten to class 12th. We follow the first-come, first-serve policy. Therefore, we request parents to fill the registration form as soon as possible, as seats are limited and your child’s admission depends on it.

Registration forms for sessions 2021-22 are now available on the school website. Fill it carefully with your child’s academic details appropriately to avoid rejections.

Pre-admission Test/ Interview 

Once you submit the registration form, you’ll be informed about the pre-admission test. It’s one of the necessary tests that intents to enquire about child’s skills and their knowledge. It’s mandatory to clear this test to get admission to the best school in Noida– SKS World School. If everything goes well, you’ll be informed about the next step, which is document submission.

For more information about the school admissions in Greater Noida, please feel free to contact us at anytime between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Student Safety – Measures Taken By Best International School in South Delhi

Being the Best International School in South DelhiSKS World School keeps students’ safety on top priority and employs possible efforts to give students a safe and secure environment to build a bright future. If you want your child to spend precious years of their lives learning in a safe and secure environment, then let them study at the top international school in Noida– none other than SKS World School.

Let’s look at the facilities conferred by the best international school in South Delhi that focuses on students’ safety.

CCTV Camera 

Our student’s safety is our top priority. In order to ensure that your children are learning in a safe and secure environment, we have installed a CCTV camera in the whole campus area. All our classrooms, laboratories, playgrounds, activity areas, and corridors are monitored regularly.

Our security guards are well-trained to deal with students’ security challenges in the best possible manners. Equipped with advanced communication devices, they can handle children’s security concerns in a reliable and required way.

Well-trained Security Guards 

Security is critical for the safety of students. SKS World School– the best kindergarten school in Noida, thoroughly understands the need and importance of conferring students’ secure environment. Therefore, we keep student’s security as our top priority. Owing to years of experience, SKS World School has well-trained security guards at our school to ensure our students’ complete safety.

The Best International School in South Delhi wishes to inform parents that the school has begun accepting registration for admission for the coming academic session, which will start from April 2021. For admission, it’s mandatory to complete the registration process. If you haven’t done it yet, get the form from the website and submit it as soon as possible. For any queries/ doubts, please get in touch with us at +91 9319910888/ 9540530100 now.

Tips By Top School in Noida Extension for Exam Preparations

While preparing for your exams, whether it is the final exam or competitive examination, students face many challenges. The top school in Noida Extension advises students to give some time to find out the root cause of not doing well in their exam, instead of adequate preparations. As per the top CBSE School in Noida Extension, the following are some basic assumptions that made students think they are prepared for the exams. But, when the exam came, they lost their confidence weren’t able to do well. We want parents and students to have a look at the following assumptions. It will help them to overcome exam stress, which results in better preparations. Let’s have a look!

top school in Noida Extension

Why are students not able to perform well in the exam?  

  • Most problems arise when students discuss their concerns with teachers who aren’t satisfied with the answer.
  • Most students assume that they can solve the problem, but when the time comes, you cannot solve it.
  • Whenever there’s a discussion about a topic that students think they know very well. During the discussion, they find out that there are many more points to add.

These are a few basic assumptions that students make lose their confidence. Are you facing these challenges? Do you think you are not able to prepare for your exam? If you are nodding your head in a yes, then you need to change your approach. As the popular school in Greater Noida West, we find out that many students perform well in the class, but they cannot perform well in the exam. It’s because their approach is not right.

What are the solutions?

Therefore, if you are willing to give your best in the exams, try to understand the concepts and fundamentals, and ask your teachers whenever you doubt. Don’t be shy. Keep on asking until your doubts are clear. SKS World School is one of the top school in Noida Extension, it’s significant credit goes to the devoted teachers we have. They are available to help students in the best possible manner.

We are updating various tips, information regarding the CBSE school admission in Noida Extension on our blog. For more such tips, don’t forget to visit the top ranking school’s blog in Noida Extension– SKS World School.

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