Graphology – An Effective Technique Accelerate Child’s Learning

Being a parent, you are always in search of practices that are helpful for your child, whether it’s academics learning or like skills. Did you ever hear of Graphology? Well, if you are not aware of this, then don’t worry. In today’s post, the best international school in Noida would like to educate parents about the basic technique which can accelerate their child’s learning, if follows correctly. So, let’s get started!

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What is Graphology?

It’s a science of handwriting and signature analysis. It’s a proven technique that has helped many children aged between 5 to 13 years and above enhances their learning process. According to the survey conducted by a renowned group of institutions, it’s observed that graphology can help students deal with stress issues, performance anxiety, memory power, weak concentration, and other related issues. So, if you want to help your child deal with such issues, then help them develop a habit of writing says the top international school in NoidaLet’s see how it’s effective!

It helps in boosting your child’s memory power

Does your child struggle with remembering their lessons even after practicing for hours? Then, ask them to write their lessons. It will help them remember things easily, says expert teachers at the best CBSE affiliated school in NoidaJust give it a try, and you will see the difference.

It helps them reduce stress

Like adults, students also struggle with stress issues. It might be because of the homework, exams, or maybe due to performance anxiety. It’s very common among students, says the best international school in NoidaTo help students reduce stress, there’s a method in graphology. Give your child blank paper and a pen. Now, tell them to write about anything, and continue this practice for 21 days. This handwriting exercise will wave off their stress and bring back the happiness quotient.

Check These Things Before Applying for School Admissions in Greater Noida

A school plays a crucial role in deciding the future of a child. Therefore, every parent who wants to secure their child’s future prefers researching before applying for school admissions in Greater Noida. It’s a very crucial process, especially if you are looking for the top CBSE School in Greater NoidaBeing one of the most popular planned cities, Greater Noida has emerged as a hub for the IT industry. A pool of well-educated and professional people who lives in this area wants the best educational facilities for their child. It’s one of the prime reasons why every second school claims to be the top school in Greater Noida.

It’s the core responsibility of a parent to check every detail before selecting any school based on their claims. Don’t only rely on the school’s infrastructure for the selection. There are a lot more things that one should consider to select the best school in Greater Noida for their child. So, today’s post is to help parents decide which school is best for their child. Let’s get started!

Rubberised Basket Ball

Check the Student to Teacher Ratio

Kids these days are very active and fragile. Without proper attention, they will not be able to concentrate in the class. Therefore, it’s mandatory to check the student-to-teacher ratio of your selected school. Let’s give you an idea about the best school in Noida, SKS World School has maintained a 1:25 teacher to student ratio. Your child will learn under the expert guidance of highly experienced teachers with proper attention. We can assure you this!

Consult about the teacher’s qualification

Teacher’s experience and qualifications matter the most. A qualified teacher can add wonders to your child’s life. With their experience, they know how to handle children with different interests and employ the best practices to encourage develop an interest in academics as well as extracurricular activities. Being the top CBSE School in Noida, we are proud of having such great teachers with us.

If you want your child to get these facilities, then apply for SKS World School admissions in Greater Noida. Call us to know more about the admission procedures.

Which is the top kindergarten school in east Delhi ? SKSWS – 137

A school lays the foundation for a child’s future success. It’s very important to find the best school for the development of mental, emotional, and social skills of the children. This post is written to educate parents who are just beginning their search for finding the top kindergarten school in east Delhi .

We have gone through the several lists of top ranking school in Noida and Delhi-NCR region available on the internet, and from there we found that SKS World School is the school that rank on top in the best list of schools in Noida and Delhi-NCR region. Here, we are listing a few attributes that make SKS World School the top ranking school in East Delhi  and Delhi-NCR. Let’s have a look!

Best Kindergarten Facilities

Early days in school are very crucial for a child’s bright future. Keeping this fact into consideration, the school offers a special area – Kids Corner for their little learns. The school offers a lot of benefits to the students studying here. Interactive play area, an immersive curriculum, extracurricular activities, and intensive care, are a few attributes that made SKS World School ranks amongst the top kindergarten school in East Delhi and Noida as well.

School Fee Structure

When it comes to the fee structure, SKS World School offers the most affordable school fee in East DelhiThe school offers a lot of facilities such as an art and craft room, air-conditioned library, separate music room, advanced robotic labs, computer labs, and a lot more. All these facilities fall under the same fee structure. There’s no additional fee.

On comparing other top kindergarten school in east Delhi , West Delhi, and Noida region, we conclude that SKS World School offers the best-in-class facilities at the most affordable school fee in South Delhi, East Delhi, and Noida. So, if you want your child to study here, visit the school website to know more about admission procedure for 2021-22 sessions.

Our Core Values Makes Us The Top School in Greater Noida For Admissions

SKS World School is the best school in Noida that envisions building an education system of learning that focuses on bringing out excellence in every child. Our core value encourages us to believe that every child is unique so as their interests and potentials to give something unique to the world. We as the top school in Greater Noida support students by providing abundant opportunities through conducting different academics and extracurricular activities.

We are proud of our teachers and students

Being the choice for admission to the best school in Greater Noida, SKS World School believes that students and teachers make a school the best. We take pride to say that we have both. Therefore, we follow a curriculum that aims at creating an innovative learning environment for students. We would also like to mention that our teachers have welcomed new teaching methodologies that the school has introduced till today.

Advance Computer Labs and training

We are committed to providing the best facilities to our students. We have modern infrastructure and we offer all those facilities that are essential for enabling students to become self-reliant individuals. We are proud of having such supportive teachers and cooperative students. It’s one of the prime reasons why we are preferred for school admission in Greater Noida.

Admissions Open for 2021-22 Sessions

Therefore, if you are planning to give your child an environment where academics and extracurricular activities hold equal importance, then let them be a part of the SKS family. The top school in Greater Noida has already begun admissions for the academic year 2021-22.

Complete the registrations as soon as possible

Being the top CBSE School in Greater Noidawe have strict rules when it comes to admissions. No applicant will be entertained without registration. Therefore, if you haven’t submitted the online registration, then fill in the form and submit it without right way.

Reasons to Send Your Child to SKS World School | Best International School in Noida

So you are in Noida and thinking about your child’s admission to the best international school in Noida? Then, you should think of SKS World School. It’s among a few names that come to an individual’s mind when it’s discussion s about the top CBSE affiliated school in Noida. In today’s post, we have listed the top reasons to make sure that your decision of selecting SKS World School is right for your child. So, let’s get started!

Modern Learning Environment 

In today’s modern and tech-savvy world, it’s vital to give your child a modern learning environment from the very beginning. An international school aims at conferring the same with the help of a curriculum fit for the 21st century. Being the top international school in NoidaSKS World School ensures that your child will learn 21st-century skills to stay ahead of the competition.

best international school in Noida

Highly Skilled Teaching Staff 

No doubt, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced teachers who always stay at the forefront to give your child the best learning experience. We are recognized as the best CBSE affiliated school in Noida, and we are proud to say that its entire credit goes to our teachers- our success pillars. We want to give our students the best of everything, and therefore, our teachers believe in adopting new teaching practices.

Get Access to a Multilingual Education System 

It’s one of the biggest benefits that your child will receive if they get the chance to study at SKS World School – the best school in South Delhi. Students will learn different languages and gain the confidence that essential to have in today’s competitive world. We offer all modern facilities that help our students in their overall development.

If you want to give your child the best experience of their life, then consider SKS World School for your child’s admission to the best international school in NoidaFor more information about the school fees in Noida or the admissions, contact us immediately.

School Fees in Noida for 2021-22 Academic Year | Best CBSE Affiliated School in Noida

In today’s post, SKS World School which is the best CBSE affiliated school in Noida would like to brief parents about the composite school fees in Noida for the upcoming academic session 2021-22. We request parents to read the post carefully and let us know if there’s any confusion about the fee structure. So, let’s get started.

Prospectus Fee:

All new applicants have to submit an amount of INR 1100/- in the name of the prospectus fee. It’s a non-refundable fee that’s charged only once i.e., during the admissions. Parents are required to submit the online registration form along with the fee. Admission to the top international school in Noida begins with online registrations. Fill in your child’s accurate details, as incorrect details may lead to rejections. In such a case, you can’t claim the refunds.

top kindergarten school in south delhi

Admission Processing Fee:

Being the top ranking school in Noida, SKS World School follows a strict and transparent process for admissions, which is based on the first-cum and first-serve rule. We don’t accept donations. Therefore, we request parents to submit the online registration forms to take part in the admission process. Once your child clears the pre-admission test, you’ll be informed via SMS or email about the same. All those students have to submit the admission processing fees. The best international school in Noida, SKS World School charges INR 40,000/- as the admission processing fee. Again this fee is non-refundable and only new applicants have to submit this fee.

Composite Fee Structure of the Best School in Noida For Pre Nursery to Class VIII

S.NoClassesComposite Annual FeeTerm I(April-Sept)Term II(Oct-Mar)
1Pre Nursery- PrepRs. 93,000Rs. 46,800Rs. 46,800
2I-VRs. 96,000Rs. 48,000Rs. 48,000
3VI-VIIIRs. 99,600Rs. 49,800Rs. 49,800

For any doubt related to the school fees in Noidafeel free to get in touch with us. We are also popular among the people for being the best CBSE affiliated school in Noida.

Online Registration Is The 1st Step For Admission | Top Ranking School in Noida

Selecting the best CBSE affiliated school in Noida is like finding a needle from the sand. Since there are hundreds of schools that claim to be one of the best schools listed in the Top Ranking School in Noida  . If somehow you’ll be able to find the best school that suits best with their kid’s needs, then starts the real struggle, which is admission. Many parents face difficulties to gather information about the admission procedures. To help parents aware of the admission process, SKS World School- the top international school in Noida, bring today’s post. So, let’s get started!

Online Registration

It’s the first and very important step to get admission to the top CBSE affiliated school in NoidaNormally, parents can collect registration from the administration office of the school. But, observing the current coronavirus situation in the country, the school will remain closed till 15 May, 20201.

Being the top international school in Noida, SKS World School takes pride to announce that we believe in giving equal opportunity to every student. It’s the main reason why we offer admissions on the first-cum and first-serve basis. Therefore, it’s advised to fill and submit the form via online mode. If you haven’t filled it, then do it ASAP.

Interview/ Test

After the successful submission of the registration form, you’ll be notified about the second round either via email or telephone. You can also check the details on the official website of the best school in South Delhi. Now, let’s talk about the second round, which is a basic test. It aims at knowing your kid’s knowledge and skills. If your kid clears this exam, then he/she will need to go for a basic interview. That’s it. After the successful completion of these rounds, the list of selected students will be made public on the school’s website.

If you want to know more about the Top Ranking School in Noida  , then we request you to visit the website now.

Admission Open for 2021-22 Academic Sessions | Best School in Greater Noida

SKS World School is the best school in Greater NoidaWith advanced infrastructure and outstanding facilities, the school shares a strength of 500+ students and it’s one of the top choices for school admissions in Greater NoidaAs you all know that school will remain close due to the rising cases of coronavirus, but you can still register your kid for admissions. Admissions open for 2021-22 academic sessions at SKS World School. With this news, you must be concern about the admission guidelines and procedures. Is there any change due to COVID-19? If you are concerned about these things, then this blog is for you. In today’s blog, the top ranking school in Noida Extension will cover admission guidelines to help parents with the admissions.

Music Room

Online Registration

SKS World School offers admissions from kindergarten to class XII for the academic sessions. Parents need to submit the registration to book a seat for the child. We’ll not entertain any candidature without the registrations. The top school in Greater Noida offer admissions on a first-come and first-serve basis, and seats are limited. Therefore, if you haven’t submitted the form, then do it on a priority basis. Registration forms are available on the official website. We urge parents to fill out all the details appropriately as forms with incorrect information may lead to rejection.

Pre-admission Test/ Interview

Once you have successfully submitted the form, you’ll be informed about the pre-admission test at the shared email address. This year due to COVID-19 rising cases, this test may be conducted via online mode. Therefore, we recommend you visit the website to get further updates on this. It’s the second important step to get admission to the best school in NoidaStudents will be given a basic test to check their basic knowledge and skills. If everything goes well in this round, then you need to submit a few documents, which you’ll be informed of a week before the submission.

If you want to enquire more about the best school in Greater Noidaadmission procedure, or any other detail, then write us at immediately.

How to Maintain Hygiene To Keep Corona Away | Top International School in Noida

Due to the COVID-19 increasing number of cases in the country, all know that all schools in UP will remain closed till 15 May 2021. Since this time there will be no online classes, the top international school in Noida urges students not to neglect their studies. Along with studies, it’s vital to maintain personal hygiene. It’s the best way to keep the coronavirus away from you. Being the best school in Noida, we teach students the importance of maintaining personal hygiene from the very beginning, and it’s the time to implement them in daily practice.

top cbse affiliated school in noida expressway

Being the best CBSE affiliated school in Noidawe always encourage students to participate in productive quarantine activities which are knowledgeable and fun-loving. This time, the best international school in Noida urges parents to engage our students with the following tasks to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle and proper hygiene.

  • Keep your hands away from your face and wash them regularly, says the top-ranking school in Noida.
  • Wear masks whenever you step out of your home, and avoid going out, if possible
  • Cover your mouth completely while coughing and sneezing. The novel coronavirus could survive for 3 hours in the air. So, keep your mouth covered to keep you and your family safe.
  • Take a shower daily and wear clean clothes, and keep your surrounding clean
  • Eat healthy food and sleep on time. Avoid watching TV or mobile phone late at night.

No doubt, children are free-spirited personalities, like they love to go out, play, and interact with their friends. In the current scenario, little children are locked in their homes, which is quite depressing. It’s vital to keep them engage in different learning activities to light up their spirit of curiosity. Similarly, it’s equally important to encourage them to maintain hygiene, says the top international school in Noida.  

How To Engage Kids At Home During This COVID Time | Top School in Greater Noida

As the coronavirus second wave has hit the country arrantly, all schools and colleges are forced to shut completely. As per the recent notice from the Uttar Pradesh government, schools will not conduct online classes and remain closed till 15th May 2021. As students are at home and there are no classes, it becomes difficult for kids to spend their time gladly. During this time, kids are not allowed to step out of their home, they can’t play in the ground, and they can’t meet their friends. It’s too hard for little kids. Being the top school in Greater Noida, SKS World School understands the seriousness of the situation, and therefore, we would like to offer some tips to help parents engage kids during this COVID time.

Interactive Classrooms with AV Aids

For Kindergarten Students 

You can introduce them with puzzles, spot the difference, drawing, Rubik’s cube, and sorting colors and alphabets. These are some suggestions by the best school in Noida that help parents to keep kids engaged. It’s the best way to improve their cognitive skills such as their concentration, logic, memory, and audio-visual abilities.

Learn and Practice Yoga

It’s the best time to help kids develop the healthiest habits, and yoga is the best out of all. Yoga is for everyone, and especially during this COVID time, it’s the best exercise that one can do. It’s not only a good time pass, but it will make them strong from inside to fight against coronavirus. You can practice yoga with your child. The best and the healthiest way to spend some quality family time suggests the best school in Greater Noida

Stay at home doesn’t mean you can’t do anything in your home. Being the top school in Greater Noida, SKS World School wants parents to try these tips to make our students positive, proactive, and productive. For parents looking for information about the school admissions in Greater Noida, we suggest submitting the online registration form and wait for further notification to come. Till then, visit our blog for more information.

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