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A teacher has various names of professor, coach, teacher with one meaning. Yet at SKS World School one of the top schools in crossing republik teachers add one more name in the teacher names column, i.e. friend.

Parents looking for one of the top CBSE school admission in Greater Noida  select SKS for their child’s bright future as we believe in being the student friend rather than just the teacher at SKS. Teachers will have the chance to shape tomorrow. Teachers are inspiring the child just as nothing else can.

Interactive Classrooms with AV Aids

Inspiring Students is our one of the key to success. Motivated students perform better than non-motivated ones. We at SKS, one of the top providers of best school facility in Ghaziabad , firmly believe that encouraging students make them more focused on learning. Excellent job” are some of the magic words that leave a long lasting impact on the mind of young learners,

Set performance targets

Assigning students tasks and objectives to keep them focused on their studies. To get appreciation students complete their task and thus reach their goals within the time limit. SKS World School students, one of Greater Noida West Top Schools, agree that setting targets provides long-term perspective and motivation for the short term

SKS World School – Top CBSE School in Greater Noida for Admissions

SKS World School was founded to set up excellence in imparting quality education. We are proud to say that our consistent efforts have helped us establish as the top CBSE School in Greater NoidaWe are best in everything whether it’s our infrastructure, facilities, administrations, or teachers. If you are looking for school admission in Greater Noida for 2021-22 academic sessions, then SKS World School is the best choice for ensuring a successful future for your kids.

Let’s have a look at the facilities that make us unique!

Remedial Classes

Counseling is essential for kids to help them understand their interests, skills, and talent. Being the best school in Noidawe understand this and arrange counseling sessions that help them further in career selection. At SKS World School, we think of every student and therefore, we conduct remedial classes for students who need special care and attention. Our remedial classes are arranged to help students in improving their academic performance.

Full-fledged Library

For student’s intellectual development, it’s important to give them the required facilities. Being the best school in Greater Noida, SKS World School lets students access a full-fledged library. We believe that reading is among those good habits that every student must have to become a life-long learner.  As per an old saying, books are one’s best friend. Therefore, we encourage students to spend most of their time in the library upgrading their knowledge. All these efforts are taken by the best for reinforcing their school learning experience.

SKS World School – the top CBSE School in Greater Noida offers other facilities as well. If you want to know more about other facilities, then visit the website. You can also virtually tour the school to get an insight into our infrastructure and facilities. You can also fill online registration to take part in the admission process.

Faculties Are Our Success Pillars Says The Top CBSE Affiliated School in Noida

The reason behind the success of an educational institution is their experienced faculties. Being the top CBSE affiliated school in Noida, SKS World School would like to thank our experienced teachers who are our motivators and growth initiators. Through today’s post, we take pride to highlight that our teachers play a vital role in blessing your child with quality education. In case, you are thinking of SKS World School as the top international school in Noida for your child’s admission, then you need to know that your child will get trained under the expert guidance of faculties.

top Ranking school in south delhi

 Qualities That Differentiate Our Faculties From Others

The team of SKS World School completely understands their responsibilities for laying a foundation for a child’s glorious future. Our teachers work dedicatedly to help students aware of their innate talents and encourage them to polish their skills. Being the best international school in Noida, SKS World School works for the overall development of the students with the application of holistic teaching practices.

  • We believe that real learning begins when students learn from their experience
  • We prepare our students to win real-life challenges with confidence
  • We work for instilling the spirit of learning for exponential growth that lasts forever, and this quality of ours makes us the best school in South Delhi
  • We encourage students to believe that real success begins when they start believing in themselves
  • Being the best CBSE affiliated school in Noidawe understand the importance of New Educational Policy, and all our activities are based on its standards

If you wish to choose SKS World School for your child’s admissions, then you’ll be giving them the most precious gift of their life- the guidance of expert faculties.

Admissions Open For 2021-22 Sessions at the top CBSE affiliated school in Noida. Call Us at 9319910888 to know the details about the admission process, school fees in Noidaschool’s awards and achievements.

How The Best International School in Noida Prepare Students For Global Workplace

A school’s curriculum plays a vital role in a child’s development as all school activities are based on the curriculum. Therefore, schools need to design their curriculum in such a way that it gives equal importance to academics as well life-learning skills. Being the best international school in Noidawe feel proud to say that our curriculum is designed by expert teachers with utmost care. Our main focus is on preparing students for the global workplace with needed skills so that they can face real-life challenges with confidence.

Let’s have a look at the core areas of our interests 

Personal Excellence

The unique pedagogy at SKS World School – the top international school in Noidafocuses on educating today’s students with the skills required to become tomorrow’s leader in the global workplace. We are proud of our teachers who always search for a new technique to encourage students to work for their excellence.

Personal Growth

The top CBSE affiliated school in Noida conducts several activities aimed at conferring a challenging learning environment that focuses on academics learning and personal growth. Our students are blessed with advanced facilities, modern lab equipment, sports facilities, and engage in different learning activities to unlock the doors for personal growth. We are proud to say that students after becoming a part of the SKS family will get access to these facilities at the lowest school fees in Noida

The recipient of the 2020’s Excellence Award, SKS World School ranks on top in the list of schools in Noida for the past few years. If you wish to enquire more about our qualities, then visit our school’s website now. For admissions to the best international school in Noidacall us immediately at +91 931-991-0888. Admissions for 2021-22 academic sessions have begun already. If you haven’t submitted the registration form, then submit it without any delay.

See How The Best School in Greater Noida Help Students Excel In Every Field

SKS World School is among parents’ first preferences for school admission in Greater Noida, reasons may be many. It might be because of the school’s modern infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, teaching methodologies, or our unique beliefs. Out of these factors, our initiatives taken for kid’s overall development so that they can excel in every field make us the best school in Greater Noida. It’s one of the prime reasons why SKS World School receives hundreds of applications from students living in Greater Noida and the Delhi NCR region.

Interactive Classrooms with AV Aids

Let’s give you an insight into some initiatives taken by the school for kid’s overall development

Success Begins With Believing In Self Abilities

At SKS World School, we believe that one’s abilities begin the process of success. It’s why we encourage students to discover their talents and abilities. Along with academics, we give students proper time so that they can participate in extra-curricular activities of their interests.

In support of this belief, we have designed a curriculum that equally focuses on curricular and co-curricular activities. Our curriculum is designed to keep student’s growth at analytical, emotional, social, and creative levels. Our unique steps that focus on shifting paradigms make us the top school in Greater Noida for admissions.

Self Analysis Is Important For Long-Lasting Success 

We motivate students to realize their true potential through self-analysis. Being the top CBSE School in Greater Noida, we believe that for long-lasting success self-analysis is very important. It’s why we follow a curriculum that gives enough attention to different aspects of student’s mental and physical attributes. Our experienced faculties adopt new teaching methodologies to bring the best out of our smart learners, which makes us the best school in Greater Noida.

If you want to give the best learning experience to your child, then think about SKS World School for 2021 school admission in Greater Noida.  

Why Top Kindergarten School In East Delhi Is Known For Its Curriculum

At SKS World School, curriculum development plays a crucial role in a child’s overall development. Therefore, we follow a standard approach to make our curriculum complete and effective. Being the top ranking school in East Delhiwe believe in “self-learning and self-exploration”. Our main focus is on encouraging students to develop multiple skills based on their experience. Our school’s curriculum is specially designed to keep our little learners in mind, and it’s one of the prime reasons why SKS World School is recognized for being the top kindergarten school in East Delhi.

Some Unique Features of Our Curriculum

The curriculum of the top ranking school in Noida supports a variety of teaching-learning methodologies, coupled with the latest technology, to bless our little learners with holistic education. Self-learning with self-exploration is the base of our curriculum that follows all parameters of the revised National Education Policy. Being the top international school in East Delhiwe believe in giving equal importance to academics and extra-curricular activities.

Our Curriculum is Divided Into Broad Stages

The beginner stage is an important part of our curriculum and it is designed for our kindergarten students. Here, your child will get access to a fun-learning environment through interesting play way activities such as singing, dancing, sharing, caring, and interacting with their fellow students. SKS World School which is also the best kindergarten school in South Delhi encourages kids to develop manners, etiquette, emotional stability and lets them learn to express their needs. It is the preparatory stage that lays the foundation of your child’s future.

Being the top kindergarten school in East Delhi, our curriculum focuses on developing basic motor skills so that our little learners can express their needs with confidence. All these facilities are offered at the lowest school fees in South Delhi, East Delhi, and the NCR region.

We Guarantee Your Child’s Future is bright At The Best School in Noida Extension

Outstanding academics, choicest faculties, paramount activities, and best in infrastructure- these are some reasons that make SKS World School the best school in Noida ExtensionIf you are wondering about admissions, then you must have already inquired about it. Therefore, in today’s blog, we would like to bring your kind attention to some school attributes that guarantee your child’s future is bright here. Let’s have a look at them!

Technology Enable Campus

We are among those popular schools in Greater Noida that runs technology enable campus. Our campus is fully equipped with all modern facilities such as digital learning setups for classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, a fully-furnished library, etc.

Personalized Learning

Being the best school in Greater Noida, SKS World School believes in following a personalized learning approach. We have maintained a 1:25 teacher-to-student ratio so that students will get proper attention at all times.

Safe Campus

After getting admissions in Greater Noida, your kid will become a valuable part of the SKS family, which means their safety is our priority. Our campus is equipped with 24/7 available security cover. With the help of experienced and well-trained security guards, we ensure that your kids are safe and secure when they are away from you.

Green Campus

SKS World School is located in the prime location of Greater Noida West and successfully running as the best school in Noida Extension since the inception. Our school’s campus is well-equipped with modern facilities, and there’s no doubt about it. But, we would like to highlight that the school has taken many initiatives to keep the school’s ambiance fresh, and our initiatives to encourage student’s plant trees in one of them.

Are you looking forward to knowing other facilities offered by the best school in Noida ExtensionCall us to schedule your visit for the school’s virtual tour. In these coronavirus times, the school will remain closed till 15th May 2021. Therefore, for queries related to school admissions in Greater Noidaplease feel free to get in touch with us by writing us at contact@sksworldschool.com

Facilities Aids to Learning at the Lowest School Fees in South Delhi

No doubt, quality education makes an individual develop personally, economically, as well as socially. Kids need to get quality education to acquire new skills and knowledge for their overall development. SKS World School understands the importance of this need in today’s highly competitive world. It’s why we are committed to offering some facilities aiding quality learning at the lowest school fees in South DelhiIf you are thinking of your child’s admissions to the top international school in South Delhi for 2021-22 academic sessions, then delve into the details to know more about the facilities we are offering. Let’s get started!

Creative Centre for Little Minds

We have developed a creative center for our little members of the SKS family, and it’s one of the most significant reasons what makes SKS World School the top kindergarten school in East Delhi. We aim at creating an environment that focuses on equipping students with the knowledge and skills required to become successful learners. In support of this, we work closely with our teachers to take steps needed for the all-around development of our little minds.

It’s why we always rank as the top ranking school in Noida in the list of schools in Noida.

Modern Laboratories For Young Talents

Being the top international school in East DelhiSKS World School gives equal importance to academic and practical learning. It’s why our modern labs are well-equipped with instruments supporting the latest technology. Students will learn to perform experiments under the guidance of experienced lab assistants ensuring safety.

We are equipped with different lab subjects including computer, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and robotics. Intending to facilitate direct discoveries, analytical thinking skills, and let students updated with the latest technologies, we offer these facilities at the lowest school fees in South Delhi.

If you wish to know more about other facilities that your child may get at the lowest School Fees in South Delhi and Noida, please feel free to scroll through our school’s website anytime.

Traditional Dance Classes | Top School In Greater Noida

Dance in India has an unbroken tradition of over 2000 years, and hence we at SKS World School one of the Top School In Greater Noida take it as our responsibility to hone the skills of dancing  in our kids. Today through this blog we intend to discuss about dancing practices in our school in order to preserve the traditions of the nation.

  • Bharatnatyam

Bharatnatyam originated in Tamil Nadu and was earlier known as Daasiyattam. To preserve the culture and tradition of the nation we at SKSWS one of the top kindergarten school in Greater Noida imbibe the skills of dancing in interested students through the team of qualified dancers. All the interested students who intend to learn Bharatnatyam can register themselves or can contact concerned teacher.

  • Kathak

Kathak means to ‘tell a story’. This is a form of north Indian dance. We at one of the top kindergarten school in Greater Noida  take pride in the fact that we have students from all corners of the nation. Hence we consider it as important as quality education that we must impart the training of such classical forms of dance for all the interested students.

  • Kathakali

Kathakali is a highly stylized classical dance drama form which originated from Kerala in the 17th century. This classical dance form is particularly noticed for dancer’s elaborate costume, towering head gear, billowing skirts and long silver nails.

Keeping in mind the traditions and culture of the nation we at SKSWS one of the Top School In Greater Noida have currently started imparting the training of above mentioned dance forms along with some modern dance forms.

Benefits Of Time Management In School | Best School In Greater Noida

Success is not just a mere collection of 7 letters; it takes a lot in itself. At SKS World School one of the Best School In Greater Noida we left no stone unturned to achieve the notion of being one of the best.  We believe that one of the most important key factors is time management, proper time management leads to success in every field of life.

Today through this blog we intend to write few lines on the importance of time management for our students.

What is effective time management?

Good time management is the efficient use of your time which helps you to schedule your days in such a way that you can complete your work with less effort and make the most of the limited time you have. We at one of the Best International school in Greater noida put our sheer efforts to inculcate in our students the importance of effective time management.

Separate Badminton and Lawn Tennis Courts

Benefits of time management

  • It lets you get what you want, and quicker

You will acquire the drive to avoid sitting around and achieve your goals as you realize the value of time management.

Dear students at one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida West you are reaching your goals quicker as a result of this hard work and new inspiration.

  • It lets you do more work in less time

You get more done when you handle the time correctly, but still have more time for the things you really enjoy.

Allocating a fixed amount of time to a task, say 1 hour and adhering to the schedule would have a greater impact than working on a task without a predefined time slot.

  • It makes you spend less time and prevent more trouble and friction

Our only motive at one of the Best School In Greater Noida is to prevent you from all the upcoming problems and make you capable enough to face all the challenges of life through proper time management.

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