Top Ranking School in Noida Celebrated IDY 2021 Virtually

This year, SKS World School virtually celebrated 7th International Yoga Day with great zeal, fun, and fervor. This year’s celebration holds great importance because students are kept inside their homes because of the coronavirus situation in the country. Keeping this in view, the top Ranking school in Noida promoted the importance of Yoga Day and including meditation practices in daily routine to reduce the growing stress. The celebration was a grand success. In today’s post, we will give you an overview of the IDY 2021 celebrations. So, let’s have a look!

Importance of Yoga Practices

Yoga is an ancient practice with its roots in India. On 21 June, SKS World School which is also popular for being the best cbse affiliated school in noida educates students about the importance of yoga and the benefits of employing these practices in daily life. The whole event was virtually celebrated. All our students participated in the event to make it a grand success.

International Yoga Day Celebrations at Best School in Greater Noida

On 21 June, SKS World School– the best school in Greater Noidasuccessfully celebrated on international yoga day their students home.  This year, because of the coronavirus situation, students are being taught to make all the celebrations and festivals at home. Keeping this in mind, yesterday the whole school celebrated International Yoga Day with great enthusiasm and positivity. Let the popular school in Greater Noida give you the information about the celebration. So, let’s get started!

A guided Yoga Sessions was organized

This year the yoga day celebrations were made online. Students participated in the event via online classes. On this day, a guided yoga session was organized where students, teachers, and staff members all participated and learn to perform yoga asanas with ease. Our yoga teachers at the top school near Noida Extension inform everybody about the importance of yoga and the benefits of implementing it in their daily lifestyle.

Students tried different yoga asanas

SKS World School being one of the top 10 school in Noida Extension celebrates every festival with great enthusiasm. And this year, the celebrations are even more joyful than before. This is because the students are forced to stay in their homes due to the coronavirus, and they are unable to neither meet their friends nor come to school and in the midst of all this, they have to celebrate all the festivals at home. Students come up with different yoga asanas. Being the best school in Greater Noida, we are proud of seeing our little yogis trying different asanas with ease.

Why the top school in Greater Noida is celebrating all events online?

It becomes a bit difficult time for the little kids and that’s why Top ranking school in Noida Extension think that it is very important to celebrate International Yoga Day at this time so that children can be explained about the importance of yoga and encouraged to adopt yoga as a way of life

Best International School in Noida Welcomes New Students

SKS World School honoured to witness the exponential growth of the school in setting new standards of quality education. No other best international school in Noida expects SKS World School has done more to shape legal education. In today’s post, the school attempts to welcome new students for being valuable members of the SKS family. In this welcome blog post, we will brief our new students about the school, and initiatives taken by the top CBSE affiliated school in Noida for their overall development.

Quality Teaching Practice

With our quality teaching practices, we give more emphasis on student grooming to strengthen our exceptionally talented pool to meet all perquisites of 21st-century skills. Introducing practical sessions, we enable students to apply their theoretical knowledge to perform experiments and get the desired results.

top Ranking school in south delhi

Get Best School Facility in Greater Noida In 2021 from SKSWS

SKS World School is amongst the top 10 school in Noida Extension which is recognized for conferring state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities. Endowing an aesthetic sense of an eco-friendly environment, the sprawling campus boasts a beautiful lush green setting with various functional blocks.

In today’s post, SKSWS will give parent’s a brief overview of selecting the best school facility in Greater Noida and how it will help in shaping a child’s future.

Parents Guide to Select the Best School in Greater Noida in 2021

Raising a child is one of the most difficult tasks for parents from taking care of their food to studies, which food is healthy or which school is best for them, all these tasks have to be done by a parent. Doing this task by themselves is one of the most tedious tasks, especially if you living in developed cities like Greater Noida. There are tons of school in the city that claims to be the best school in Greater NoidaFinding the best facility school in Greater Noida for your child is very challenging. Understanding the importance of the best school in a child’s life, we have come up with a guide to help parents find the best school for their child in 2021.

Educational Standards 

While searching for the top school in Greater Noidaparents are advised to devote proper time to analyze the school’s educational policies. After COVID, e-learning becomes the need of the hour. So, make sure the school you are about to select meet such standards or not.

Top International School in Noida Introduces An Innovative Learning Approach

No doubt, SKS World School is the top international school in Noidaand its biggest credit goes to the initiatives taken by the school to provide our students an innovative education system. We continue efforts to meet international standards of quality education and give equal importance to the syllabus and curriculum prescribed by CBSE to meet today’s educational needs.

We are committed to cater the needs of today’s learning paradigms

Moreover, we are also known for employing highly adaptive teaching methodologies in our school’s curriculum for catering to needs of the today’s learning paradigms. These are only a few initiatives taken by the school to give students an innovative learning experience. Do you wish to know more about such initiatives? Continue reading the post to get answers to your all questions.

Top International School in Noida

In today’s post, the best international school in Noida attempts to educate parents about our innovative learning approach. It will them an idea of the school’s beliefs and decides whether they can consider SKS World School for their children’s admissions or not. So, let’s have a look at them!

We prepare students to become tomorrow’s leader

We prepare our students to become globally responsible citizens. Our innovative learning approaches play a crucial role in helping the top CBSE affiliated school in Noida achieve these goals. So, if you want your child to get the best learning opportunities, then think about their admissions.

Do you want these facilities for your child? Consider SKS World School for Admissions!

SKS World School has already begun the admission processes, therefore, if you haven’t registered your child then submit the online registration form now. Being the best kindergarten school in Noida, we would like to inform parents seeking admissions that we accept admission applications from kindergarten onwards.

So, don’t waste your time. Your little delay can take away a golden opportunity from your child to be part of the top international school in Noida.

School Admissions in Greater Noida, Checkout the Facilities Before Applying

The SKS World School is the best facility school in Greater Noidawhich is popular for being the best school that sets new standards of excellence in employing quality education practices. We always efforts to give the best facilities to our students, and therefore, we offer unparalleled facilities not only for academics but also for sports and extracurricular activities in our school. So, check out the facilities offered by the school before applying for school admissions in Greater Noida.

If you are wondering about your child’s admissions, then look at the school’s attempts in providing unparalleled facilities for academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. It will help you decide whether SKS World School is the right choice for your child or not.

  • The campus facility at the top school in Noida is centrally air-conditioned, giving students a safe and fresh environment to spend good learning time within the school
  • Transport facilities, AC buses connecting all major nearby locations of the school such as Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, etc.
  • Smart classrooms well-equipped with modern facilities such as whiteboards, projectors, etc to promote digital learning
  • Recipient of several awards for conferring quality educations
  • Sports facilities for various sports such as basketball, table and lawn tennis, badminton, fitness circuits, etc and a vast playground
  • Facilities for cultural events such as separate dance and music room with needed instruments
  • Being the top CBSE affiliated school in Greater Noida, SKS World School is giving excellent CBSE results year after year

After knowing about all these facilities, you must have come to know why SKS World School is the best school in Greater Noida for your child. If you would like to have more information about other facilities or the admission process, you can visit the school’s website anytime.

Admission Update

School admissions in Greater Noida for 2021-22 sessions have already started so if you have not registered your child yet, please do it first to take part in the admission process.

See How Top CBSE School in Greater Noida Is Managing Online Classes

Pandemic and online classes are not a new thing for students, now they have become familiar with both and even become used to them. Thanks to the pandemic, now everybody is aware of e-learning and many schools are now trying to devise new ways to make online classes more fun and engaging for students. SKS World School is the Top CBSE School in Greater Noida would like to give parents a quick overview of how we are engaging students and making learning fun and interactive activity. Read the blog to get the complete information. It will help you decide why you must consider SKS World School for your child’s admission. So, let’s get started!

Top CBSE School in Noida Extension

Short Sessions For Better Learning

Unlike other top school in Greater Noidawe have incorporated new activities to delineate the curriculum to help them a sense of school while sitting in the comfort of their home. It’s even proved in a survey that shorter learning sessions are more effective than long ones. It’s because our teachers prefer making short videos on complex topics and share them with students during their online classes so that they can understand the topic clearly.

Quick Review Session After Each Class  

Students while in school can easily clear their doubts with teachers whenever they got the time. But, in online classes, the schedule is very tight. So, it’s won’t be possible for teachers and students to label all the time. Therefore, the best school in Greater Noida has started a quick review session after each class where students can easily clear their doubts.

Apart from regular classes, the best school in Noida also celebrates events, conducts several competitions, and other extracurricular activities online to keep students engaged and help proper utilize this time. So, if you want to see your child learning new things under the supervision of highly qualified teachers then check out the admission process of the Top CBSE School in Greater Noida now.

Top Kindergarten School in Noida Makes Online Classes Engaging

Most kids at this age aren’t able to sign in to the laptop and sign in to the online classes without the assistance of their parents. Thanks to the pandemic, our little ones are now aware of how to operate login to Zoom or Google Meet, turn on and off camera by themselves. The pandemic played a vital role in making these little kids tech-savvy. We also encourage our little ones to manage online classes on their own. By this, the top kindergarten school in Noida aims at introducing kids to technology and help them become self-reliant individuals.

Let’s have a look at how the top international school in Noida is making online classes engaging!

Introducing the importance of Socialization

Due to the current pandemic, online classes are going on, so for those children who have taken admission to the top kindergarten school in Noida, the concept of school and online classes is like a new experience. So, it’s very important to let them introduce the importance of socialization.  So, our teachers are taking several initiatives to help our new students to know their fellow mates during distance learning.

Asking Students to be a part of Virtual Lunch Breaks

SKS World School being the best international school in Noida encourage parents to let their child come forward and take part in the virtual lunch breaks. It’s like an informal social gathering that allows these little kids to see and interact with their fellow mates and become friends. It’s like a normal session, they can eat their food and talk to their friends, just like they would do at school.

These are some of the initiatives taken by the top ranking school in Noida to introduce their young member of the SKS family to the school environment. If you also want to see your child enjoying all these facilities, then think about their admission to the top kindergarten school in Noida.

Best Facility School in Greater Noida Gives Parents An Overview Of Facilities

As the title suggests, SKS World School is attempting to give parents an overview of smart facilities provided by the school. Parents need to have adequate information about the school, faculties, and of course, the facilities offered to ensure that their child’s future is in safe hands. In today’s post, we’ll give you a brief of some of our unique facilities, which enable us to call ourselves the best facility school in Greater NoidaSo, let’s get started!

Indoor Auditorium

Smart Classroom Facility

As said, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. In today’s digital era, teaching and learning aren’t only limited to monotonous classroom sessions with textbooks. Being the best school in Greater Noidawe have introduced a digital classroom in our school to make learning a more fun activity. All our students, from pre-nursery to class 12th are enjoying digital learning. In this COVID time, we efforts to make learning more interesting with highly interactive and engaging online sessions.

Yoga Facility

As said, a happy mind can do wonders. In today’s COVID era, students are kept inside their homes and dealing with many restrictions, such as they are not allowed to play in the park, physically meet their friends, etc. Well, these restrictions are for their safety. But most of the kids develop stress and anxiety because of all this. Therefore, to help students overcome stress and release tension, the top school in Greater Noida conducts online yoga classes. It has helped students generate positive emotions and prepare them to have a gentle nature.

So, these are only two facilities that the top CBSE affiliated school in Greater Noida is providing students during the online classes. There’s a lot more. If you wish to know more about the facility offered, then let us know. SKS World School being the best facility school in Greater Noida is always available to answer your queries.

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