Top Kindergarten School In Noida | Share Updates On Class XII Board Exam

Since the coronavirus situation is still not improving in the country, CBSE is yet to take the final decision regarding the commencement of the Class 12th board exam. As per the last announcement from the board’s end, the decision on the conduct of board exams is expected to be taken by 1 June 2021. Since the honorable Supreme Court adjourned the PIL by Advocate Mamta Sharma supporting the cancellation of the board exam, the decision will postpone till Thursday as per the information gathered by the top kindergarten school in noida  Do you wish to know more about the discussion? Continue reading the post for detailed information.Top CBSE Affiliated School in Noida Expressway

Supreme Court’s Comment 

The Honorable Supreme Court on 31st May 2021 adjourned the plea by Advocate Mamta Sharma seeking the cancellation of board exams due to the pandemic. It’s adjourned till Thursday. With COVID-19 cases still raging and the vaccination drive was on hold due to the shortage, parents and students are urging the government to cancel the class 12th board exams. While on the other side, some demand to conduct the exams.

After analyzing the media sources, the top international school in Noida conclude that students from all across the country are divided into two categories- one in support of cancellation and one in oppose. The discussion will go on until the final decision come from the board’s end.

Important Inputs

The SC adjourned the PIL till Thursday, asking the government to come up with justifications regarding the commencement of the exams. As said in the plea, last year’s due to the pandemic situations student’s results were prepared on the basis of objective methodology. In support of this, the respective division bench asks the government to present reasons why last year’s marking methodology can’t be followed this year.

As per the exclusive information gathered by the top international school in Noida, the SC also want the reasons, if are planning to conduct the exam amid the COVID-19 situation. For more updates, follow the blog of the top kindergarten school in noida .Share

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