Popular school in Greater Noida – Decision on Class XII Board Exam Postponed

The media is buzzing again with the news of the class 12th CBSE board exam. On Monday- 31st May 2021, one big piece of news came from the Supreme Court end. In the respective hearing, the SC adjourned the plea filled for the cancellation of the board exams to Thursday. As per the information gathered by the Popular school in Greater Noida from the reputed media channels, the Attorney General asks for two more days till Thursday from the government end’s to make the final decision on the commence of the exams.


One More Petition Filed For The Cancellation of Class 12th Board Exam

In the last few days, many PILs were filled in the court in support of the cancellation of the board exam amid the ongoing coronavirus situation. In the plea filed by Advocate Mamta Sharma, a request has been raised for the declaration of class 12th results based on last year’s terms- objective methodology. The delay in the process is hampering student’s future and admissions to higher studies.

As per the estimations made by the top school in Greater Noida from media sources, the honorable Supreme Court adjourned the plea till Thursday and the division bench at the SC urges the government to share the tangible reasons if the center is not in favor of following the last year’s result policy. Also, the government had to provide justifications, if they decide to go ahead with the exams.

Comment From The Best CBSE School in Greater Noida

SKS World School recommends students stick back to the preparation until the final update comes from the board’s end. After today’s news, it will approximately come on Thursday, as per the media sources. In case of any help, consult your respective teachers and get your all doubts cleared.

Admission Update

Parents seeking school admission in Greater Noida can visit the official website to get the registrations done. For doubts/queries, contact the Popular school in Greater Noida instantly.

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