Importance Of Music And Dance In School’s Curriculum | Best School in Greater Noida

It has been truly said that “put music to our troubles and we’ll dance them away”. Music and dance helps us to decrease our stress level as well motivates to move on in each and every condition. Acknowledging the importance of dance and music we at SKS World School one of the Best School in Greater Noida  have collaboration with the top dance group named Shiamak Dance Academy and a well experienced music teacher to hone the skills of students in such fields.

Today through this blog we intend to list down some of the benefits of dance and music in school’s curriculum.

Best School in Greater Noida

Music education helps greatly in academic studies:

Music creates the abstract reasoning required for academic success, as well as math and science. Music develops higher-level thinking skills. Music and dance are improving intelligence. To help students grow their thinking ability we at SKS one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida encourage them to participate in the music and dance competitions held on regular basis in school.

Music education also ensures success in life:

We have been able to achieve the feat of being one of the top providers of best school facility in Ghaziabad mainly because the sheer efforts of our teachers and in turn the pay back of students by securing good ranks.  Our success greatly depends upon the success of our students. Hence we encourage active participation in music as music practice improves teamwork abilities, communication skills, self-discipline, confidence, and imagination. These are much needed in the workplace and in life. Participation of music increases imagination for a pupil. Musical improvisation may also teach us lifelong improvisation. Music teaches us patience, dedication and confidence too.

Music education brings us happiness:

Only a happy mind can focus on aims. In order to recreate the minds of students we motivate kids to practice music and dance. Music and dance can lead their practitioners and audience to a state of bliss close to that of union with God or Nirvana. Music is a joy for a lifetime and can offer one enjoyment even when one is going through difficult times. It is one gift of joy that each child deserves and that each parent will give to the children. We at SKS one of the Best School in Greater Noida believe  in making our students a positive minded and confident person even in the hardest condition.

For parents seeking admissions in Greater Noida/ Ghaziabad we urge them not to select schools for their child that only gives them bookish knowledge but must make a smart choice for schools offering overall growth of their kid.

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