Discipline – One Word For Success | Best Kindergarten School In Noida

SKS World School has been able to be one of the best kindergarten school in noida   because of the continuous efforts of teachers, staff and other working members. By continuous efforts of teachers, staff we mean their adherence to certain rules and regulations of the school which they follow always. These certain rules and regulations are collectively called discipline. It has been rightly said that “with faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve”. And this is the reason that we have been able to be one of the best cbse affiliated school in Noida. Discipline is very important for students as well to follow. We believe that the more our students will be disciplined the more there life will be easier.

The reason parents send their child to one of the best cbse affiliated school in  Noida is not just the quality of education but also because they want their child to attain good knowledge of discipline, manners and ethics of life.  We are one of the top international school in Noida Expressway one of the top provider of best school facility in Ghaziabad/ Greater and hence we do not encourage any kind of violence, be it mental or physical. Discipline not only comes from good mental knowledge or good speaking pattern but also discipline also comes from sports. At SKS World School, we organize various sports function in collaboration with other schools or within the school to inculcate the sense of discipline among students.  Sports are used as a powerful tool for inculcating discipline among students at SKS one of the cbse affiliated school in Noida . Besides this we have also a house system comprising of four houses. The house system at SKS World School is not only meant to conduct cultural and curricular activities but also to foster team spirit, discipline among the young minds.

We are one of the top ranking school in Greater Noida with group of qualified, disciplined and experienced teachers. Children learn what they see. Thus if teachers follow the rules like coming at school on time, taking the classes on time, using polite talking manner all these leave a great impact on students. Students also tend to follow what their teachers do; students also reach school on prescribed timing of school, take part in assembly on time, and use polite talking manners.

We believe that the level of success is determined by the level of discipline. Thus we take pride in ourselves for being the best kindergarten school in noida  and we have surely attained this level of success by following highest level of discipline. We at SKS World School aim at creating disciplined and competent kids.

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