Well Established Library For Students | Top Cbse Affiliated School In Noida

We believe in creating the best at one of the Top Cbse Affiliated School In Noida . For our kids we always inculcate in them that they must not settle in anything less than best but of course ethically. We are one of the best kindergarten schools in South Delhi imparting quality education to our students to get the best out of them. We believe that to make our students best version of themselves we need to nurture them in such a way that they create in themselves the joy of learning and the rest all will be done by themselves.

State of the art labs

The first step towards making them the best is to give them the opportunity to have hands on approach. We at SKS one of the Top Cbse Affiliated School In Noida  provide the facilities of math lab, science lab, robotic lab and computer lab to hone their skills. A hub of modern facilities and equipments play a key role in the development of child.


Library is the storehouse of the knowledge and our kids must be a regular visitor of that storehouse. SKS one of the Top Cbse Affiliated School In Noida  provide students with the facility of library that is inspirational and conducive to learning, improved communication and interaction.

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