How You Maintain Good Health In The Best School In Greater Noida

SKS World School is one of the Best School in Greater Noida where we aim at fostering young generation in such a way that by the time they grow they develop into confident, responsible and determined citizens of the nation. However without good health nothing can be achieved. Health is a state of complete mental and physical well being. Hence we at SKS one of the best cbse affiliated schools in Noida Extension tend to impart knowledge not  just based on academics but also practical knowledge which is important for living a successful life. With the onset of winter comes various health related issues.

To protect our students from harmful bacteria we at SKS one of the best cbse affiliated schools in Noida Extension started an initiative which motivated students to wash their hands properly before and after lunch as well as after game session also students are encouraged to properly clean their hands. However they were motivated to keep on following this habit for their lifetime.

Some of the other wellness programs organized within the school are given below:

Yoga classes: yoga is the most ancient form which has found its root in India. Yoga is a medium to reconnect mind and body. Hence we at SKS one of the top school in the list of schools in Greater Noida on a regular basis motivate kids to take part in the yoga classes under the expert guidance. Yoga helps students to be positive and give them ability to fight with the harmful effects of some of the bacteria.

We at SKS World School one of the Best School in Greater Noida recently organized a food show in which students were asked to prepare healthy food without the use of fire. By this students were advised to stay on healthy food which boosts their immunity. We aim at serving fresh and hygienic food at the canteen of the school which is a get together place for all students. All the items in the canteen are according to the season and have been hygienically prepared to serve kids the best.

It is the duty of all parents as well to inculcate in their child the habit of personal hygiene which would help them in long run of their life.

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