Teaching Methodology And Curriculum At One Of The top schools in Noida Extension

Teaching Methodology

The focus of the entire teaching learning process at SKS World School one of the top schools in Noida Extension is to tap the innate potential of each child. The curriculum is designed to make learning more motivating, interesting and stimulating.

Activities are planned in sync with each Topic covered in class. Emphasis is laid on practical learning with the help of various labs such as social science lab, science lab, Maths Lab, Computer lab & Robotics lab.Introduction of 3D science lab enables the students to visualize and explains the topics effectively and enhances the scientific temperament of the child.

Similarly, with the inclusion of various facilities such as vocal music, Instrumental music, sports & games etc. we at one of the top CBSE schools in Greater Noida make sure to emphasize on the self development of the child.The academic program is designed to develop individual & group values. Formal study skills are inculcated methods & strategies for strong work habits are taught to the children.

top schools in Noida Extension


SKS World School one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida strongly believe that the success of our students cannot be only measured on the basis of their academics record but strongly depends on the other aspects of school life also.

The Academic Programme by one of the best schools in Greater Noida provides intellectual stimulation and curiosity, rational thought and maturity of mind. Students are taught the value and equality of all subjects, and encouraged to pursue a mix of the sciences and arts.

Co curricular
Co-curricular activities encourage personality development and draw out creativity and talents, and provide opportunities for leadership and character building, with the idea of ‘EVERY CHILD has A
PERSONALITY’. Literary, cultural and artistic competitions are held regularly, and the students participate in a wide variety of competitions in the school.

Active Participation

We at SKS one of the top schools in Noida Extension strongly recommend and invite active participation of students as well as their guardian. For parents seeking admissions in Greater Noida For their child are advised to actively participate in the meetings organized for the welfare of their child. These steps are important to keep a check on the day to day progress of child.

Why is it important to be mentally and physically strong? top schools in Crossing Republik

We at SKS one of the most top schools in Crossing Republik recently organized a seminar by motivational speakers to let students know the importance of mental strength.  Now the question arises how to maintain mental strength if suddenly we have encountered an awkward situation? To answer this let us take an example of a young girl facing breakup. The mental stability of the girl depends on the expectations level of the girl with the boy. The girl will be hurt only to the level of expectations she had with the boy.

Higher the level of expectations the more the girl will get hurt. The outcome is that never have expectations from anyone. Expectations always lead to disappointment. Again take the example of the girl facing the breakup. Suppose girl always has thoughts that the boy will never leave her, he will never shout on her. Here goes up the disappointment level as soon as the boy leaves the girl the expectations of the girl breaks and her mental strength goes down.  Break of expectations always lead to low mental strength.

Dear students, never work for someone with a kind of expectation in mind. We have been able to achieve the feat of being one of the top ranking schools in Noida Extension only because we always worked selflessly for the society with a single motive to educate the masses. Dear students you all must be having peers group, best friends but as your educator we advise you to be attached only to the level till it not affects your mental strength.

Now comes physical strength, physical strength is not as hard as mental strength. Eat healthy food to stay healthy. Always remember physical strength will help you to stay mentally healthy and happy.

We are one of the best schools in Greater Noida and hence we always pray for your healthy, prosperous and happy life. The only thing we wish to advise you is that setbacks will make you strong, never be afraid of setbacks, setbacks lets you decide and monitor your mental strength and physical strength.

Lohri Teachings For Students By One Of The Top cbse school in Greater noida

SKS World School one of the best schools in Greater Noida wishes you all a happy and prosperous LOHRI. May the Lohri fire burn away all the sadness out of your life and bring you Joy, Happiness and love.  Lohri is not all about how much you rejoice but also how many faces smile because of you.

We at SKS believe in imbibing such great values in our students so that when they grow up they not only turn as good professional beings but also as noble and kind human beings.

  • Preservance

“Great works are performed not by Strength but by Preservance” Preservance we believe is the greatest key to success. We have been able to achieve the feat of being one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida only because we worked hard since our inception with patience and honesty. We imbibe in our students the values and importance of preservance so that they turn out to be a successful human being with preservance despite of difficulty in their life.

Top cbse school in Greater noida
  • Honesty

It has been rightly said that “Honesty is the best policy”. Standing upon this, we at SKS World School one of the Top cbse school in Greater noida believe in nurturing our students in such a way that they always move on the path of honesty despite of whatever be the challenges and problems come to them. Choosing Wrong way has never been the solution to any problem.

  • Hard Work

There is no shortcut to success and no alternative to hard work. The only key to success is hard work mixed with honesty and preservance. We have been able to achieve the feat of being one of the best schools in Greater Noida only because we have worked hard with honesty and preservance since our inception.  We want the new generation to work with patience without fear of negative outcomes.

For parents seeking admissions in Greater Noida we ensure to groom their child not only as a successful professional but also as a noble, honest and laborious human being.

Best International school in Greater noida to select from, in the year 2020

This blog is for parents looking for Best International school in Greater noida . We make sure to help you in your selection of school for your child. As the time of admission is getting close, we take it as our responsibility to list down some of the top schools in Noida extension. The list contains best and top schools in Greater Noida as well.

 Best International school in Greater noida
  • Delhi Public School R.K.Puram
  • Salwan Public School
  • SKS World School
  • Kothari International School
  • Genesis Global School
  • The Shri Ram School
  • Amity International School
  • Ahlcon International School
  • Apeejay School

The list contains popular schools in Greater Noida , all the above listed schools are CBSE affiliated with world class education and state of the art infrastructure.

Road To Success At One Of The top schools in Crossing Republik

Success is more than a mere collection of 7 letters. At SKS one of the top schools in Greater Noida we believe that success come by following various measures persistence, optimism etc. while focusing on all inclusive growth of students we aim at obtaining success through their success.

Encourage Optimism and Positive Thinking:

we at SKS World School one of the top CBSE schools in Greater Noida focusonsolutions to problems rather than on setbacks, combined with a positive outlook on life. We make sure that our students must not be measured only on the basis of report card but also on the talent they have inside them.

Teach them to deal with failure: 

Every great person has to bear failure before being the successful person. This is what we inculcate in the young growing minds. There would be no pleasure in success if we don’t have encountered the failures. Kids must learn to swallow failure. We at one of the top provider of best schools facilities in Ghaziabad ensure esteemed parents that their kids will definitely learn here to swallow failures and move ahead for success.

Let them follow their interests: 

various activities are organized at one of the most top schools in Crossing Republik to bring out the hidden talents inside every child. When allowed to follow their interests’ kids feel more excited and relaxed.

Be the child for them: 

celebrate the achievements of your kids in the same manner as they do. Be child like with them on their achievements.

Nurturing The Future Leaders At One Of The Popular school in Greater noida

SKS World School is one of the best schools in Greater Noida. It is a tradition at SKS to produce future leaders with academic, ethical and moral knowledge. Since our inception we have seen and met uncountable parents and take pride for being the reason of smile on their face. It has always been a sight to behold and this is only the trust of esteemed parents which has earned us the notion of being most popular schools in Greater Noida.

top schools in Crossing Republik

At SKS World School future leaders are prepared inside the classrooms. However it is not a child’s play to read and nurture the unsettled minds.  SKS World School one of the top schools in Crossing Republik  will share today the teaching pedagogy.

The formula of more and less

The formula of more and less is very simple but yet carries a very important place in our teaching methods. SKS World School focus on getting more and more practice and notes done in the class itself. The reason behind getting works done in the classroom at one of the top providers of  popular schools in Greater Noida  is to help students obtain maximum number of knowledge from the topic as in class they are more concentrated while at home they focus on games or sometimes unable to concentrate. As well as acknowledging the effect of heavy books and homework on Kid’s mind we adopted this method.

Labs designed as per subjects

To help students get the deep understanding of the subjects taught we at SKS one of the best schools in Greater Noida have aesthetically designed labs having all the modern instruments. Labs help students to have hand on approach as well as they get more interested towards their study.

An Inside View Of The Infrastructure Of One Of The top schools in Crossing Republik

School Building

SKS World School one of the Top Schools In Greater Noida Extension is strategically located in Greater Noida West the school building is established amidst a tranquil view and encompassed by modern residential societies. We have ensured that building of the school must cater to several needs of the student and provide a peaceful environment to the students so that they could focus on their studies well.


We at SKS one of the Best International school in noida extension has a huge, spacious and air conditioned auditorium equipped with a high quality sound system and high resolution projector. The auditorium provides student the platform to perform and bring out their hidden talents during various events and activities.

best school facility in Ghaziabad

CCTV Cameras  

The safety and security of the students is given utmost priority at one of top provider of The top schools in Crossing Republik . To ensure proper safety the whole school is covered by CCTV surveillance. The whole area under the school premises are monitored through night vision CCTV cameras.

Tea Shop/Canteen 

We have in house shop/ canteen that are set up in the school premises.  Students can enjoy healthy and delicious food at the canteen of one of the best schools in Greater Noida.

Sports facilities

Acknowledging the importance of sports at SKS World School we have a vast playground area to keep students physically fit and strong. We are one of the top schools near Noida extension where all inclusive growth of students is given priority.

Language lab

Labs have been aesthetically designed at one of the best schools in Greater Noida west . The labs are well equipped with records and phones to make English an integral part of student’s life. Students get motivated and get global exposure.

We at SKS World School believe that the facilities must cater to all the needs of students. hence we make sure to provide world class facilities to students.

List of Popular school in Greater noida in 2020

Today through this blog we will list down some of the top schools providing best schools facility in Greater Noida. This blog will help you to select best schools in Greater Noida and yes we won’t tell you that what these provide as this will only take you into confusion. However we make sure to include only those schools that provide top notch facilities and world class quality education. Along with the best schools we have definitely tried to include popular schools in Greater Noida.

 popular schools in Greater Noida
  • D Goenka Public School
  • SKS World School
  • Greater Valley School
  • DPS Greater Noida
  • Ascent International School
  • Sanfort World School
  • Ramagya World School
  • Shri Ram Global School
  • Gaurs International School
  • Cambridge School

We ensure you to provide the best schools in the above given list. All the schools have been meticulously selected on the basis of netizens review, on the basis of education they provide and their infrastructure. All the listed schools also hold a respectable position in the list of top CBSE schools in Greater Noida West. Wish you all the best for your selection and better luck for your child.

Admission procedure for the year 2020 at the top schools in Crossing Republik

Before proceeding ahead we would take this opportunity to wish you all an energetic New Year, May you live, love and laugh everyday this year and for every coming year. We at one of the most top schools in Crossing Republik very well understand your concern for your child.

We believe this blog will help parents looking for Admissions in Greater Noida West / Ghaziabad at one of the top school in Greater Noida / Ghaziabad.

Admission Guidelines

  • Registration is the first step for seeking admission in SKS World School one of the top CBSE schools in Greater Noida.
  • Registration forms will be available on all working days at the Administration Office from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
  • Incomplete registration forms will not be processed.
  • Telephonically Date and timings for interaction will be intimated and will be displayed on the school website.
  • Parents are advised not to fill more than one form for an applicant.
  • On confirmation of grant of admission, parents shall be required to deposit the fee within stipulated time. Failing which the offer of admission shall stand cancelled and the seat will be offered to another candidate.
top CBSE schools in Greater Noida

Selection: The management of the School reserves all rights of admission or rejection and is not bound to give any reasons for admission or rejection of any particular candidate.

Rejection of Forms: Incomplete registration forms and forms providing incorrect information will automatically stand rejected.

Caution: all the admissions at one of the top school near Noida Extension are based on the merit basis hence the school does not accept any donation for admission. Parents should be aware of third parties collecting money on behalf of the School and making false claims of procuring admission. If the parents enter into any transaction with such parties, they will be doing so at their own risk and the school shall not be responsible for it.

New Year 2020 Greetings By One Of The Popular school in Greater noida

We at SKS one of the Popular school in Greater noida pray to the almighty to fill your life with his choicest blessings and may your life always be filled with smile, success and satisfaction.

Success – we have been able to achieve the feat of being one of the top schools in list of schools in Noida Extension only because we never left working hard. Consistency in hard work is the key to success. We wish you all a great year ahead only by dint of your positive hard work with great enthusiasm.

Smile– even the most difficult job gets easy when done with a smile on face. Smile cures almost everything. We at SKS one of the best schools in Greater Noida West always believe in the power of positivity and politeness. Greeting every student and guardian with a smile leaves a great positive impact on their mind. May this year you get several reasons to smile and with smile success will definitely within your reach.

Satisfaction– satisfaction is not about letting all the things go out of our hand just because we are satisfied. But the true meaning of satisfaction lies in the fact that Be happy in what you have achieved by dint of your hard work and never be greedy and jealous of others success.

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