Importance Of Music And Dance In Best school in Greater noida

It has been truly said that “put music to our troubles and we’ll dance them away”. Music and dance helps us to decrease our stress level as well motivates to move on in each and every condition. Acknowledging the importance of dance and music we at SKS World School one of the top CBSE schools in Greater Noida/near crossing Republik have collaboration with the top dance group named Shiamak Dance Academy and a well experienced music teacher to hone the skills of students in such fields.

Today through this blog we intend to list down some of the benefits of dance and music in school’s curriculum.

Music education helps greatly in academic studies:

Music creates the abstract reasoning required for academic success, as well as math and science. Music develops higher-level thinking skills. Music and dance are improving intelligence. To help students grow their thinking ability we at SKS one of the most Top School in Greater Noida  encourage them to participate in the music and dance competitions held on regular basis in school.

Music education also ensures success in life:

We have been able to achieve the feat of being one of the top providers of best school facility in Ghaziabad mainly because the sheer efforts of our teachers and in turn the pay back of students by securing good ranks.  Our success greatly depends upon the success of our students. Hence we encourage active participation in music as music practice improves teamwork abilities, communication skills, self-discipline, confidence, and imagination. These are much needed in the workplace and in life. Participation of music increases imagination for a pupil. Musical improvisation may also teach us lifelong improvisation. Music teaches us patience, dedication and confidence too.

Music education brings us happiness:

Only a happy mind can focus on aims. In order to recreate the minds of students we motivate kids to practice music and dance. Music and dance can lead their practitioners and audience to a state of bliss close to that of union with God or Nirvana. Music is a joy for a lifetime and can offer one enjoyment even when one is going through difficult times. It is one gift of joy that each child deserves and that each parent will give to the children. We at SKS one of the Best school in Greater noida believe  in making our students a positive minded and confident person even in the hardest condition.

For parents seeking admissions in Greater Noida/ Ghaziabad we urge them not to select schools for their child that only gives them bookish knowledge but must make a smart choice for schools offering overall growth of their kid.

Protect Your Child From The Exam Fever | Best school in Greater noida

Every new session does not only bring joy for students waiting for new book, stationeries and of course new friends. However the road to new class is not a child’s play. Exams times are stressful time not only students, but for their parents and teachers as well. Some work better under stress but mostly bows down under stress. And this is not what we want our students at SKS World School one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida to surrender them under any condition.

Today through this blog we at SKS one of the best schools in Greater Noida  take this opportunity to share some of those points which will not only help students get out of exam stress but also important for parents to live stress free and let their child live stress free during exams.

Exams are to test what you have understood in past days, they do not decide your fate. Dear students and guardians it is important to take exam very seriously but that load must not be above your head making you go bend down on your legs.

We at SKS World School one of the top schools near crossing republik  make sure to involve students in the activities like outdoor games, mind engaging games and other fields related to their interest. Such type of activities help students thinks positively about themselves which in turn make them efficient to understand their chapters.Report cards are just a piece of paper: this might irritate you made you annoyed.

top schools in Greater Noida

But dear all report cards can never judge the understanding and knowledge taking place inside your child. A piece of paper and the grade marked over that cannot decide what your child is going to do.

We at SKS World School one of the top schools in Greater Noida take pride in ourselves for being the torch bearers of those who at times thought to quit study. We believe in making education a passion for all rather than making a burden.Now it’s for parents, all our esteemed guardians your child is our responsibility within the school we teach nurture and try to be like you to them whether it be in case of care, love or teaching.

Parents looking for admission on the basis of best school facility in Ghaziabad can without hesitating for a moment come and visit SKS as at SKS we believe in turning every child the pride of their family and for this we need your cooperation do as instructed by the school teachers, teach in the manner our teachers advise you. Success sounds well when it has “our” efforts not only my efforts.

Key Factors That Made Us One Of The Popular school in Greater noida

SKS World School is one of the best schools in Greater Noida and to achieve this notion we have left no stone unturned when it comes to education.  We believe that learning can do wonder’s in one life and hence to make learning easy and fun for everyone we strive hard to introduce new and interactive ways of learning and teaching in order to achieve full participation of students.

Today through this blog we intend to mention down some of the key factors provided at SKS World School so as parents looking for admissions in Greater Noida would be able to judge them what is better for their child.

Movie /Documentary based education

We at SKS World School one of the top cbse schools in Greater Noida strive hard to provide best education and skill enhancement to children along with supporting the moral ethics and Education. Aiming at their optimum development, we ensure to provide them world-class education comprising various important aspects with documentary based education. School Cinema is a film-based module that makes learning lessons of life an entertaining experience. It reaffirms life skills & values and helps strengthen bonds between students, parents and educators through award-winning cinema and thoughtful workbooks.

By using cinematic storytelling, emotional connect and visual appeal, School Cinema help to address real life challenges. With class-appropriate modules and relevant themes, it enables 3 levels of learning viz. awareness, understanding and action.

 popular schools in Greater Noida

Safe and Secure Transport

School transportation is no longer a routine pick up and drop off of students. It has now become a specialized field. The service sectors have seen a revolutionary growth both in terms of quality and delivery. In the past decade, school transportation has gained a lot in importance. This is primarily due to a faster lifestyle and increased safety threats. A large number of parents are now part of the 9-6 work culture. This prevents them from ensuring their children’s safe transportation to and from schools. School bus is the safest method of school transportation. So, it’s no wonder that lot of parents depend on school bus transportation services.

In SKS World School one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida each bus has a Mobile Tracking system; School buses also have fire prevention equipment, first aid and Bus-In-Charge. The transport system is provided with mobile phone on each route. The parent can directly contact the concerned route of their ward and can get first hand information about the status of the route. Safety and security is given utmost priority. All vehicles in the school fleet are new and up to the mark.

Mobile and SMS updates for parents

Our esteemed parents we understand your concern for your kids related to their study and safety. In order to keep you updated related to your child’s development we at SKS one of the best International schools in Greater Noida send daily development report and their status related to their bus route on both mail and message. This helps parents remain in touch with development of their child.


Shiamak, the World’s largest Dance Academy founded by Ace Choreographer Shiamak Davar. The aim of Shiamak Dance Education is to channelize the energy of young students in a resourceful manner and also to use dance as medium of physical activity.Specially designed syllabus encompasses all aspects of performing arts.

This is where the art of dance & the performing arts help children develop skills, knowledge & understanding that go beyond classroom.The expert faculty of Shiamak Dance Institute is specialized in teaching children of all age groups, understanding their individual requirements & ensuring that they learn in a fun & friendly environment.

Dear Students, The Nation Is From You All

Hello students, we hope to find you all in best of your health and preparations for your upcoming exams.  On this 26th of January the nation is turning 71. As much as we are going we are turning into an energetic, young and confident nation.  Today through this blog we at SKS World School one of the top schools in Greater Noida take this opportunity to once again remind the future of the nation regarding their responsibilities for their nation.

Dear students, you all are a storehouse of energy the only thing required is to unleash your potentials and in due process we as the torch bearers will help you to find your right way. Problems come in everyone’s life be it be a celebrity or a common people like you and me.  Whenever you feel low or down remember the time our forefathers gave their everything to build a safer and independent nation for you so that you all could breathe independently. It’s time to stand upon those expectations.

To all we at one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida take this responsibility to provide you with the best of the opportunities to grow and unleash your potentials. Dear students we want you all to participate in all those activities that demands hidden talents inside you it will not only make you self confident but independent as well.

We have plethora of activities organized from time to time at SKS one of the top schools near crossing Republik to help you gain your confidence and unleash your potentials.  Apart from the extracurricular activities we tend to impart quality education so that you do not lack behind in any type of academic knowledge as we believe knowledge is one of the most important way to behold the laurels of the nation.

The only hope with which we are imparting you the best knowledge is the reason that we want laurels to come first to our nation and then imparted to the other countries providing us the most respectable position among the nations. We wish to be your torch bearers not only by being one of the best schools in Greater Noida but also as your best friend.

Dear students, the nation, its respect and dignity is all upto you now. It’s in your hand either to take it forward or to bring back the respect what we have lost in yester years due to some inhuman destroying acts. For parents seeking admissions in Greater Noida we promise to make your world safer and full of knowledge so that at SKS World School you do not only grow as a happy student but also a stakeholder of the nation’s respect.

Our Students Are Our Strength In Top school near greater noida west

We at SKS World School one of the top schools in Greater Noida/near Crossing Republik believe in the fact that our students are our strength and to make our pillars more strong we focus on making our students strong not just mentally but also physically. We are one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida and this would not have been possible without the love and trust of our esteemed parents who not just send their kids for gaining knowledge but also with a faith that we will care for their kids as they do.

Top school near greater noida west

We at SKS World School one of the best International schools in Greater Noida give utmost priority to the safety of students as well as through different activities we encourage and teach them to how to protect themselves from upcoming problems.

  • Self defense classes

“ give a  man a fish and you feed him for a day , teach a man to fish and you feed him for lifetime.” At SKS one of the best schools in Greater Noida we not only take care of students but also teach them how to protect themselves in case of emergency. Self defense is the need of the hour today. We provide facility of preparing students with the best self defense techniques under the guidance of trained professionals

  • Sports & extracurricular activities

Sports not only rejuvenate their minds but also increase their fitness level and ability to fight back. Specialized sports training and coaching are provided to students to keep them healthy physically and mentally. We always encourage our students to stay active in sports.

 We at one of the top provider of Top school near greater noida west focus on providing balanced time for sports for all the students.The achievements of our students have earned us the tag of one of the top CBSE schools in Greater Noida hence their security & safety is given utmost priority at SKS World School.

Teaching Methodology And Curriculum At One Of The top schools in Noida Extension

Teaching Methodology

The focus of the entire teaching learning process at SKS World School one of the top schools in Noida Extension is to tap the innate potential of each child. The curriculum is designed to make learning more motivating, interesting and stimulating.

Activities are planned in sync with each Topic covered in class. Emphasis is laid on practical learning with the help of various labs such as social science lab, science lab, Maths Lab, Computer lab & Robotics lab.Introduction of 3D science lab enables the students to visualize and explains the topics effectively and enhances the scientific temperament of the child.

Similarly, with the inclusion of various facilities such as vocal music, Instrumental music, sports & games etc. we at one of the top CBSE schools in Greater Noida make sure to emphasize on the self development of the child.The academic program is designed to develop individual & group values. Formal study skills are inculcated methods & strategies for strong work habits are taught to the children.

top schools in Noida Extension


SKS World School one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida strongly believe that the success of our students cannot be only measured on the basis of their academics record but strongly depends on the other aspects of school life also.

The Academic Programme by one of the best schools in Greater Noida provides intellectual stimulation and curiosity, rational thought and maturity of mind. Students are taught the value and equality of all subjects, and encouraged to pursue a mix of the sciences and arts.

Co curricular
Co-curricular activities encourage personality development and draw out creativity and talents, and provide opportunities for leadership and character building, with the idea of ‘EVERY CHILD has A
PERSONALITY’. Literary, cultural and artistic competitions are held regularly, and the students participate in a wide variety of competitions in the school.

Active Participation

We at SKS one of the top schools in Noida Extension strongly recommend and invite active participation of students as well as their guardian. For parents seeking admissions in Greater Noida For their child are advised to actively participate in the meetings organized for the welfare of their child. These steps are important to keep a check on the day to day progress of child.

Why is it important to be mentally and physically strong? top schools in Crossing Republik

We at SKS one of the most top schools in Crossing Republik recently organized a seminar by motivational speakers to let students know the importance of mental strength.  Now the question arises how to maintain mental strength if suddenly we have encountered an awkward situation? To answer this let us take an example of a young girl facing breakup. The mental stability of the girl depends on the expectations level of the girl with the boy. The girl will be hurt only to the level of expectations she had with the boy.

Higher the level of expectations the more the girl will get hurt. The outcome is that never have expectations from anyone. Expectations always lead to disappointment. Again take the example of the girl facing the breakup. Suppose girl always has thoughts that the boy will never leave her, he will never shout on her. Here goes up the disappointment level as soon as the boy leaves the girl the expectations of the girl breaks and her mental strength goes down.  Break of expectations always lead to low mental strength.

Dear students, never work for someone with a kind of expectation in mind. We have been able to achieve the feat of being one of the top ranking schools in Noida Extension only because we always worked selflessly for the society with a single motive to educate the masses. Dear students you all must be having peers group, best friends but as your educator we advise you to be attached only to the level till it not affects your mental strength.

Now comes physical strength, physical strength is not as hard as mental strength. Eat healthy food to stay healthy. Always remember physical strength will help you to stay mentally healthy and happy.

We are one of the best schools in Greater Noida and hence we always pray for your healthy, prosperous and happy life. The only thing we wish to advise you is that setbacks will make you strong, never be afraid of setbacks, setbacks lets you decide and monitor your mental strength and physical strength.

Lohri Teachings For Students By One Of The Top cbse school in Greater noida

SKS World School one of the best schools in Greater Noida wishes you all a happy and prosperous LOHRI. May the Lohri fire burn away all the sadness out of your life and bring you Joy, Happiness and love.  Lohri is not all about how much you rejoice but also how many faces smile because of you.

We at SKS believe in imbibing such great values in our students so that when they grow up they not only turn as good professional beings but also as noble and kind human beings.

  • Preservance

“Great works are performed not by Strength but by Preservance” Preservance we believe is the greatest key to success. We have been able to achieve the feat of being one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida only because we worked hard since our inception with patience and honesty. We imbibe in our students the values and importance of preservance so that they turn out to be a successful human being with preservance despite of difficulty in their life.

Top cbse school in Greater noida
  • Honesty

It has been rightly said that “Honesty is the best policy”. Standing upon this, we at SKS World School one of the Top cbse school in Greater noida believe in nurturing our students in such a way that they always move on the path of honesty despite of whatever be the challenges and problems come to them. Choosing Wrong way has never been the solution to any problem.

  • Hard Work

There is no shortcut to success and no alternative to hard work. The only key to success is hard work mixed with honesty and preservance. We have been able to achieve the feat of being one of the best schools in Greater Noida only because we have worked hard with honesty and preservance since our inception.  We want the new generation to work with patience without fear of negative outcomes.

For parents seeking admissions in Greater Noida we ensure to groom their child not only as a successful professional but also as a noble, honest and laborious human being.

Best International school in Greater noida to select from, in the year 2020

This blog is for parents looking for Best International school in Greater noida . We make sure to help you in your selection of school for your child. As the time of admission is getting close, we take it as our responsibility to list down some of the top schools in Noida extension. The list contains best and top schools in Greater Noida as well.

 Best International school in Greater noida
  • Delhi Public School R.K.Puram
  • Salwan Public School
  • SKS World School
  • Kothari International School
  • Genesis Global School
  • The Shri Ram School
  • Amity International School
  • Ahlcon International School
  • Apeejay School

The list contains popular schools in Greater Noida , all the above listed schools are CBSE affiliated with world class education and state of the art infrastructure.

Road To Success At One Of The top schools in Crossing Republik

Success is more than a mere collection of 7 letters. At SKS one of the top schools in Greater Noida we believe that success come by following various measures persistence, optimism etc. while focusing on all inclusive growth of students we aim at obtaining success through their success.

Encourage Optimism and Positive Thinking:

we at SKS World School one of the top CBSE schools in Greater Noida focusonsolutions to problems rather than on setbacks, combined with a positive outlook on life. We make sure that our students must not be measured only on the basis of report card but also on the talent they have inside them.

Teach them to deal with failure: 

Every great person has to bear failure before being the successful person. This is what we inculcate in the young growing minds. There would be no pleasure in success if we don’t have encountered the failures. Kids must learn to swallow failure. We at one of the top provider of best schools facilities in Ghaziabad ensure esteemed parents that their kids will definitely learn here to swallow failures and move ahead for success.

Let them follow their interests: 

various activities are organized at one of the most top schools in Crossing Republik to bring out the hidden talents inside every child. When allowed to follow their interests’ kids feel more excited and relaxed.

Be the child for them: 

celebrate the achievements of your kids in the same manner as they do. Be child like with them on their achievements.

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