Is Reading Important? Answer By the Best School in Greater Noida

Many studies indicate that consistent reading brings a big difference to a child’s educational performance. Being the best school in Greater Noida, we encourage our students to develop a reading habit. It will not only help in building a broader vocabulary, it enables students to have a better understanding of other cultures. Being a parent, you can make a big difference. Other than teachers, parents are the second essential educators in a student’s life. As a parent, you can easily help your kids understand the importance of reading, and for this, you can follow the tips given by SKS World School– one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida.

Best School in Greater Noida

Start Reading with Your Child 

It’s never too late to build a good habit. Reading is the best exercise to improve concentration levels. In the beginning, you can start reading together. Try to devote at least an hour to read with your child. In order to keep them interested in books, find out their interest. It’s easy to start with storybooks, novels, and then you can switch to newspapers and other periodicals offering exciting stuff to read.

Know the Power of Words:

If you are tending towards scoring a high percentile in any field, you need to keep your tempo in the right direction. Continuous reading is a step towards building a strong vocabulary. Vocabulary can’t be built by reciting a word list, dictionary, or thesaurus but is developed through reading daily. Students must make an absolute effort to enhance their fundamental and conceptual knowledge.

Reading is essential for your child’s success in school. This habit will develop a curiosity to know more and more, which makes your child a self-learner. It is why the best school in Greater Noida encourages parents and students to develop a habit of reading. If you want to see these qualities in your child, you must know that SKS World School has started accepting online registrations for admissions in Greater Noida for 2021-22 sessions.

Sports Facilities At The Top List Of Schools In Noida

SKS World School is the Top List of Schools in Noida that believes in a child’s overall development. Following our beliefs, we give importance to academics, cultural events, sports, and other extracurricular activities. Unlike other schools that claim to be the best international school in South Delhi and focus only on academics and prepare children to score in the exams, SKS World School follows a curriculum that focuses on other essential aspects of a child’s life other than academics.

We are famous for being the best school in Noida for the outstanding facilities that we offer to our students and sports is only one among all. We are committed to providing the best facilities to our students, and we understand that organizing games and sports activities for kids is baseless without a trained coach’s assistance. Thus, we provide trained coaches to our little players to help them master their gaming skills.

Initiatives Taken by the School to Encourage Students

Being the top international school in Noida and Delhi NCR region, we also conduct special sessions for all interested students where can work on their skills to become tomorrow’s smart players. SKS World School attempts to organize various sports activities for interested students. From inter-school sports competitions, sports day, inter-house sports tournaments, and summer camp activities where our little players get a chance to play friendly matches.

Why Is Sports An Important Part of Our School’s Curriculum?  

Our school’s curriculum’s main aims revolve around benefiting students with ample opportunities to recognize their real potential. We primarily focus on each child’s overall development, and our selfless endeavours behind adopting modern teaching methodologies become an essential feature of our school’s curriculum.

It’s essential to choose the Top List of Schools in Noida for your child, where they get equal opportunities to get an excellent education facility while playing their favorite sports. We warmly invite parents/ guardians to explore SKS World School to know more about our efforts every day to impart the best facilities to our little players.

Music Education Brings Us Happiness | Best School In Greater Noida

It has been truly said that “put music to our troubles and we’ll dance them away”. Music and dance helps us to decrease our stress level as well motivates to move on in each and every condition. Acknowledging the importance of dance and music we at SKS World School one of the Best School in Greater Noida  have collaboration with the top dance group named Shiamak Dance Academy and a well experienced music teacher to hone the skills of students in such fields.

Today through this blog we intend to list down some of the benefits of dance and music in school’s curriculum.

Music education helps greatly in academic studies:

Music creates the abstract reasoning required for academic success, as well as math and science. Music develops higher-level thinking skills. Music and dance are improving intelligence. To help students grow their thinking ability we at SKS one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida encourage them to participate in the music and dance competitions held on regular basis in school.

Music education also ensures success in life:

We have been able to achieve the feat of being one of the top providers of best school facility in Ghaziabad mainly because the sheer efforts of our teachers and in turn the pay back of students by securing good ranks.  Our success greatly depends upon the success of our students. Hence we encourage active participation in music as music practice improves teamwork abilities, communication skills, self-discipline, confidence, and imagination. These are much needed in the workplace and in life. Participation of music increases imagination for a pupil. Musical improvisation may also teach us lifelong improvisation. Music teaches us patience, dedication and confidence too.

Music education brings us happiness:

Only a happy mind can focus on aims. In order to recreate the minds of students we motivate kids to practice music and dance. Music and dance can lead their practitioners and audience to a state of bliss close to that of union with God or Nirvana. Music is a joy for a lifetime and can offer one enjoyment even when one is going through difficult times. It is one gift of joy that each child deserves and that each parent will give to the children. We at SKS one of the Best School in Greater Noida believe  in making our students a positive minded and confident person even in the hardest condition.

For parents seeking admissions in Greater Noida/ Ghaziabad we urge them not to select schools for their child that only gives them bookish knowledge but must make a smart choice for schools offering overall growth of their kid.

How to Prepare for Exams | Tips by Top School in Greater Noida

As the top school in Greater NoidaSKS World School always adopts new teaching methodologies to clarify their doubts and polish the necessary skills to understand complex topics better. We always encourage students to avoid age-old techniques of memorizing solutions to challenging questions, which generally students face difficulties to understand.

Our teachers always work on finding new solutions to find the perfect rhythm. Referring to previous years’ question papers, reference books, NCERT textbooks, and special classes for slow learners, these are a few initiatives taken by the SKS World School to get the students prepared for whatever comes in their way.

Try to clear your challenging topic first 

As per the advice given by the teachers of the best school in Noida, try to note down every topic which you found difficult before any preparations. Practice sample papers and consult your teachers to clear concepts on that particular topic. Most of the students often feel that they are self-sufficient, and they don’t need anybody’s help. Most of them feel shy to ask teachers more than 2 or 3 times. But, despite this, you need to get out of your comfort zone to practice more difficult questions and ask your teachers for a better preparation approach.

Being the best school in Greater Noida, SKS World School conducts special classes for the students to efficiently clear their doubts and make them confident in answering even the tricky questions quickly, in due course of time.

Avoid learning new topics in the last-minute 

In case you are willing to prepare for your exam, try to prepare following your prescribed syllabus a little in advance. Despite preparing new topics in the last month, try to prepare yourself for the optimum use of notes and books for better preparation. Eager anxiety for covering every topic in a half-baked prospect is not beneficial. Even, it may let you feel uncomfortable during your examinations.

If you wish to get more tips, then visit the official website of the top school in Greater Noida now. For any query related to school admission in Greater Noida, feel free to reach us anytime.

Admissions at the Top Ranking School in Noida 2021-22

SKS World School is recognized as the top CBSE affiliated school in Noida by people living in Delhi and the NCR region. The craze for studying at the top-ranking school in Noida is increasing every year, and we are receiving numerous applications from students for admissions. If you want your little ones to study at SKS World School, this post is for you. This post will guide you with the admission procedures of the best kindergarten school in East Delhi, including the important steps for you kind reference. So, let’s have a look!

top-ranking school in Noida

Step 1: Online Registrations

The academic session for 2021-22 will start from April onwards. But, admissions at the top CBSE affiliated school in Noida are based on a first-come-first-serve basis. We have started accepting online registrations. If you haven’t filled the registration form, then fill it immediately.

Step 2: Pre-admission Test

After registration, students will need to appear for the pre-admission test. It is a basic test that helps us understand students’ knowledge, skills, and interests. Once the test is done, you can check the school’s website of the best kindergarten school in South Delhi to know the child’s test status. If everything goes well, you’ll be informed about the documents you need to submit to complete the admission procedures at the top ranking school in East Delhi.

Important Notice: Online registration for admission to the top international school in East Delhi has already started.

If you wish to know more about the admission procedures, the structure of school fees in South Delhi, achievements, and awards of the top ranking school in Noida– none other than the SKS World School, then visit the school’s official website. In case of doubts, feel free to call us at +91-9891081240, +91-9891081270. SKS family also wishes parents and students all the very best for admissions.

Let Your Child Study at the Top School in Greater Noida

The top school in Greater NoidaSKS World School, is engaged actively in providing our minds a creative learning environment where they can quickly discover their core interest without affecting their academic performance. We are not like other schools that claim to be the best school in Noida and focus only on academics. However, we give importance to extra-curricular activities, and they also share a strong place in our school’s curriculum. We also conduct several activities to keep our students entertained.

We believe that a happy and entertained mind can do wonders compared to those who are busy with monotonous tasks. Therefore, we conduct dance classes, competitions, and activities in our school to help students discover their passion and figure out their competitive edge to excel in their interests.

We work to empower our students for tomorrow’s new digital age.

We mainly aim at enriching students with the latest technologies to enhance their skills. For this, we have highly qualified teachers who are always available to help students with their doubts. Our devoted teachers always stay at the forefront to prepare students for tomorrow’s professionals. We are also proud of our students, who always welcome all initiatives that we think are in their favour.

It is the driving force that encourages our teachers to adopt new teaching methodologies for our students’ betterment. It is why parents’ value our expertise and trust us as the top school in Greater Noida.

Registrations Open for 2021-22 sessions- yes you heard it right!

A good parent always wants the best for their child. Are you also one of those parents who are ambitious for their child’s bright future? You should know that SKS World School admissions in Greater Noida for the upcoming session 2021-22 require you to submit the online registration form with your child’s academic details. The form is available on the official website of the best school in Greater Noida- it’s none other than SKS World School. What are you waiting for? Hurry Up before its gets too late.

CBSE Board Exam Tips By The Best School in South Delhi

Students who are preparing for their board examination are always looking for quality study material for better preparation. Most of you have heard from your teachers that NCERT is sufficient for board exam preparations. It’s a myth among students that NCERT doesn’t suffice the CBSE board exam preparation. Being the best School in South Delhi, we must let our students be aware that most of the questions come from NCERT books.

Analyzing past trends, 75% of the board exams’ questions are of average difficulty level. You can easily crack these questions if you are planned and focused on studying from NCERT books compared to other reference books. If we talk about the remaining 25% of the problems, they are of high-difficulty level and require an in-depth understanding of concepts. You can ask your teachers to clear your doubts. Now, you must be wondering to know how? Let’s find out!

best School in South Delhi

Clear Your Doubts In Extra Classes 

Being the best school in East Delhi, we do everything in favor of our students. From conducting special classes for students appearing in the board examinations to remedial classes for the slow learners, we follow international standards of teaching to prepare our students for the board examinations and the competitive examinations.

Refer NCERT Books for Better Preparations

If you are willing to utilize your full time more efficiently, you are advised to stick more on the NCERT books prescribed by your teachers than other reference books. More books mean more confusion, and you will struggle to complete the full revision.

These are some initiatives that make SKS World School parent’s first choice for their child’s admission to the best international school in South Delhi. If you are among those parents who wish to give their children the best learning environment, then choose no other than the best school in South Delhi– SKS World School. The admission notification of the top international school in Noida is out, and we have started accepting online registration for the coming sessions 2021-22.

Smart Classes for Fun Learning | Best Facility School in Greater Noida

In this Digital world, e-learning becomes essential to cope up with today’s demands. Being the most popular school in Greater Noida West, SKS World School has taken a step forward to be a part of Digital India by introducing smart classes. Being the best facility school in Greater Noida, we provide our students with all modern facilities to give them a better learning environment. Instead of boring lectures, our teachers conduct their classes in various forms. Sometimes they use videos and pictures and sometimes PowerPoint presentations to make learning fun and interesting. These initiatives are behind why we stand on top in the best list of top 10 schools in Greater Noida West.

best facility school in Greater Noida

Extra Classes for Better Performance 

Some subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry require continuous practice to understand the basic concepts. Therefore, our teachers also conduct extra classes for needy students to clarify their doubts and improve their performance. During the examination, we made students practice from previous test papers and CBSE board papers, if required, to not leave any doubt before appearing for their examinations.

These are only a few initiatives that SKS World School took in favour of students appearing in board examinations. If you are willing to know more about our teaching practices and other qualities that make us the top CBSE school in Noida Extension, please visit our website.

ATTENTION – Admission registrations open for the 2021-22 session! 

To bring your kind attention, we have also started accepting online registrations for our CBSE school admission in Noida Extension. There, if you want your child to study at the top-ranking school in Noida Extension for the upcoming session 2021-22, then complete the registration formalities before it gets too late. For any queries/ doubts about the best school facility in Greater Noida, you can contact us at +91 9891081240/ 9891081270 anytime from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Think and Act well | Top schools in Greater Noida

This blog is for all those interested parents who are looking for school admissions in Ghaziabad for their kids. Before deciding school for your kids there are various factors which you need to look upon and these are surely the most important things which parents wish they would have noticed before enrolling their child. We aim at providing Top schools in Greater Noida hence we are listing down some of the important factors which we consider to be present in school for the process of learning and teaching and every parents must think well, observe well before they choose school for their child.

Affiliations and accreditations

We are one of the best schools in Greater Noida West affiliated to CBSE with CBSE affiliation No. 2133039. We have also been awarded as the top CBSE affiliated school, Greater Noida West by Education today as well as International School Award 2018-21 by British Council to name few.  Awards and accolades come only to those who work hard and give their best. The awards are the proof to the fact that we are one of the best schools in Greater Noida West.

best schools in Greater Noida West


We at SKSWS one of the top schools in Crossing Republik/near Noida Extension aim at creating an environment which is conducive to learning and which gives the best possible result. The aim of teaching is same as it was thousand years back what has changed is the method. The infrastructure at one of the best schools in Greater Noida West has been aesthetically designed to suite the students most and to cater all their needs. We have an awe inspiring infrastructure comprising of well ventilated classrooms, well equipped science, math and robotics lab with well stocked library as well as an auditorium accompanied by play areas for toddlers add feathers in the cap of SKS World School.

Safety and security

Our esteemed parents we at one of the Top schools in Greater Noida acknowledge your concern regarding your child. Safety and security of kids is given utmost importance at SKS World School. The school has its own fleet of buses to provide safe and comfortable journey to its students. Each vehicle has a GPS, fire prevention equipment, and first aid and security personnel. The parent can directly contact to the concerned route of their child.

We have listed above some of the important points which you need to consider must before selecting school for your child however there are various other facts such as faculty, teaching methodology, and the reputation of school which can be confirmed through peer group. We invite you to come and visit the school and get a chance to know better one of the most popular schools near gaur city and also find out why we are one of the best schools in Greater Noida West.

Digital Classrooms For Students At One Of The Best International Schools In Noida

SKS World School is one of the best international schools in Noida where quality education is imparted in both ways technology and instructional based. More emphasis is given on technology based education as technology is the need of the hour. Technology based education at SKS World School one of the best international schools in East Delhi allows teachers and students to access the internet and view educational materials according to their need. We take pride in ourselves for providing the best CBSE affiliated schools in Noida through our quality based technology integrated education, state of the art infrastructure, safe and secure transport facilities and various other facilities adding feather in the cap of SKS World School.

 best international schools in Noida

Digital classrooms

SKS World School one of the top kindergarten schools in Noida provides a classroom environment that encourages excellence and help students in achieving their better performance. To encourage technology based education the classes of SKS World School are equipped with computer projector, A/V aids.

SKS, one of the top schools in list of schools in East Delhi has a well equipped computer lab laced with new softwares. Technology integrated labs and technology based education are sine qua non at SKS World School. Science lab, Robotic lab and computer lab all are equipped with requisite technologies that enhance the scope of technology based education at SKS one of the Best International Schools In Noida .

For all our esteemed parents we know their concern for their child therefore to keep them updated with their child’s development. We have aesthetically designed mobile App for parents, facilities of SMS updates as well. Through the mobile app parents can check attendance, exams, marks and can remain updated with their child’s day to day growth. School transports are also equipped with GPS to ensure the safety and security.

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