Why Parents Prefer SKS World School Over Other Top School in Greater Noida

The only top school in Greater Noida, which is famous for offering the best facilities from a curriculum of international standards to having the best teachers, it is none other than SKS World School. We have qualified and experienced teachers. From offering quality education to creating a fun learning environment and helping students to understand basic and fundamentals, our teachers are experts in every field. This quality of our school makes us the best school in Noida Extension.

Apart from our teachers and teaching methods of international standards, we offer many other facilities to our students. It is the reason why parents prefer SKS World School over another popular school in Greater Noida West and neighboring regions. Let’s find out what they are!

Our Curriculum 

We are the top CBSE school in Noida Extension, and it’s because of our unique teaching practices and our curriculum. Our curriculum focuses not only on academic areas but also on sports and extracurricular activities. We believe in the overall development of our students. Therefore, we provide every possible help to our students to become experts in every field of their lives.

Our Teachers 

When parents choose SKS World School for their children, they step ahead towards giving their children the best learning environment. We have a strong pool of experienced, qualified, and professional teachers. With their unconditional efforts and support, SKS World School is able to confer quality education to our students and guide them in the best possible ways.

Thus, if you want your child to study at the top CBSE school in Greater Noida West, then it’s a perfect time. Registrations for admissions in the upcoming 2021-22 sessions are open. If you are really interested, fill out the online registration form with your child’s details to confirm your child’s seat. Hurry up before it gets too late. For more information about the top school in Greater Noida, feel free to contact us anytime.

Help Them Think Critically | Best School In Noida Extension

SKS World School is one of the Best school in noida extension  and hence we aim with the motive of inculcating all inclusive growth in students. Inculcating the sense of critical thinking is foremost important goal which we aim at. We take pride in ourselves for being one of the best international schools in South Delhi.

Given below are some of the points which we follow for developing critical thinking skills in our students.

Encourage agreement & Disagreement

We are one of the Best International school in Greater noida with a home away from home environment for our learners. Teachers at SKS one of the Top cbse school in noida extension is like friends to the students. We try to make students feel free to share their queries and even make them free to show agreement or disagreement at any point or topic if they have. Encouraging agreement or disagreement help students to think critically and express their views, opinions on a topic.

Best School In Noida Extension

Let them say ‘why’?

Why! The word not only creates confusion but behind the confusion in why lies the ability to think. We at SKS World School one of the Best International school in Greater noida  encourage students to put questions ahead of teachers. Asking why, how develops critical thinking ability in students. Actually when students ask why from teachers, it means that they are generating the interest in the subject as well as developing the ability to think further from what is taught.

Extracurricular activities

We at SKS World School lay focus on extracurricular activities to develop critical thinking. Students are motivated to take part in excursions, group discussion, debate held at school. Participating in debate, discussions develop critical thinking abilities in students.

Extracurricular activities are held at regular intervals in SKS World School one of the Top cbse school in noida extension .  We warmly students at SKS one of the Best school in noida extension , and spread our warm wishes for them for choosing the right way to the bright and shining future. All inclusive growth of students is our motto.

How to Take Admission in the Top International School in East Delhi

No doubt, SKS World School is the top international school in East Delhi, South Delhi, and Noida. If you will talk about infrastructure and facilities, curriculum, extra-curricular activities- We are the best in every field. We conduct special classes at our school to teach students other than academics.

Being one of the top ranking schools in Noida, we would like to assure parents that we keep continuing to follow such practices for the overall development of their children. After reading all these good things about our school, you must be wondering to know how you can enroll your child to study here, what are the school fees in Noida then this post is for you. Check-out the steps that you need to follow for your child’s admission to the top CBSE affiliated school in Noida.

top international school in East Delhi

Step 1: Registration

The admission process at the best kindergarten school in South Delhi begins with online registration. You’ll get the registration form from the official website of SKS World School– which is also the best kindergarten school in East Delhi and the NCR region. Usually, registration forms are available in the school and can be collected from the school’s administration office during working hours (9:00 am to 2:00 pm). But due to the coronavirus situation, the school has decided to provide an online registration facility for safety concerns.

Step 2: Enrolment

After the successful submission of the registration form, eligible students will be informed about the pre-admission test on the specified date. This is a basic test which is conducted to check the knowledge of the students or what they studied in the previous class. All those students who’ll clear this test will be notified either by telephone or their names will be displayed on the website of the top ranking school in East Delhi. These students will need to submit the required documents.

That’s all. Getting admission to the top international school in East Delhi, isn’t it easy? However, if you have any other doubt, then feel free to contact us anytime.

The Future Builders At | Top Ranking Schools In Noida

A teacher has different names instructor, tutor, educator but one meaning. But teachers at SKS World School one of the top ranking schools in Noida add one more name in the list of names of teacher i.e. friend. For parents looking for top cbse affiliated school in South Delhi can choose SKS World School for the bright future of their child as at SKS World School we believe in being the friend of students rather than just the teacher. Teachers have the capacity to shape tomorrow. Teachers motivate the child as no one else can do. We have been able to achieve the feat of being one of the best cbse affiliated school in Noida because of the sheer determination and hard work of our teachers.

For those interested in school admission with an affordable school fees in sector 137 Noida can join SKS World School. Through this blog we have laid down certain points which prove that why we are one of the top ranking schools in Noida and how our teachers are working to shape the leaders of tomorrow.


Encouraging students is our one of the important key to success. Motivated students give better results than those non- motivated. We at SKS World School, one of the top CBSE schools in Noida strongly believe that encouraging students make them more enthusiastic about learning. ‘’good job’’, well done’’ are some of the magical words that leave a long lasting impression on the mind of students.

Make Learning Fun

Teaching with fun is one of the important teaching methodologies followed at SKS World School, one of the best cbse affiliated school in Noida. Fun in learning increases the memory retention power and keep students engaged and focused on study. We know that the idea of learning with fun is hard but only through these hard and unique ideas we have been able to achieve the feat of being one of the top international school in Noida Expressway

Set Performance Goals

Assigning task and goals to students keep them focused on their study. In order to get appreciation students finish their task and thus achieve their goals within the time limit. Teachers at SKS World School, one of the top ranking schools in Noida believe in the fact that setting goals gives long term vision and short term encouragement.

Track Improvement

To track the improvement of our students we at SKS World School organize time to time parent’s teachers meet to evaluate the improvement record of students and to inform the same to their parents. Improvement tracking let us know the time to time growth of students as well as encourage teachers to work harder for students to achieve better results.

Ways To Improve Concentration In Students | Top School In Greater Noida

It has been rightly said that ‘concentration is the root of all the higher abilities in man’. We at SKS World School one of the Top School in Greater Noida  believe in making students confident and curious in order to make them concentrated and focused on their studies. A concentrated mind is a powerful mind and in order to make our students powerful not just physically but mentally too we adopt various measures at SKS World School one of the top ranking school in Greater Noida.


At SKS World School we ensure to provide best school facilities. And all these facilities together make a beautiful environment for students to learn and grow better. Visualization is one of the best source of improving memory and concentration. When led by examples and pictures students learn better and their quest to know more also increases. To enhance the concentration power of students we at SKS World School one of the top kindergarten school in Greater Noida provide the facility of digital classrooms as well as movie/ documentary based education. Visualization of chapters taught leaves greater and long lasting effect on the minds of students. They pay more concentration on the topic taught as well as their quest to know more increases.


We are one of the top kindergarten school in Greater Noida and the sense of being one of the top school gives us a motivation to work harder as well as inspiration to keep working as we are. Teaching method plays one of the most important roles in building up the concentration and improving memory. We strive hard to teach in the best manner so that our students learn in the best possible manner. We have highly experienced and qualified teachers to beef up the skills and talent of our students.

Group study

Group study is one among the other teaching methodology used at SKS World School. While in group students develop the sense of togetherness as well as it helps in increasing their concentration. Students pay attention to their group and get a chance to learn new things from every member of the group. One such method we use to enhance group study is STEM education.

Exercise & Yoga

We are touching the heights of success but still rooted to the ground. We are one of the Top School in Greater Noida  where yoga is still one of the best methods to increase concentration and memory. Yoga is an ancient practice that has found its roots in India. Being one of the top cbse affiliated school in Greater Noida does not disconnects us from the ancient method used to gain memory and concentration. We encourage students to practice yoga and exercise to increase their mental as well as physical well being.

Look Before You Change | Best Cbse Affiliated School In Noida

SKS World School is one of the Best Cbse Affiliated School In Noida . We are happy with the response we have received from our esteemed parents within a short period of time.

Through this blog we at SKS World School highlight some of the points which parents should look for while considering a change of schools.

Affiliation and accreditation   

SKS World School one of the best CBSE affiliated school in Noida is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi with affiliation no 2133039. We are one of the top cbse affiliated school in Noida Expressway.  We also hold the British Council international school award for the session 2018-21. Parents looking for Best school in Noida  SKS World School for the bright future of their child.


The notion of being one of the best international schools in Noida Expressway gives us a sense of pride as well as a note of gratitude for our teachers. This would not have been possible without the dint of hard work of our teachers. Teachers at SKS are well qualified and experienced. The teaching methodology at SKS is student friendly. We strongly believe in inculcating the habit of meaningful learning in students. Learning is fun at SKS World School.


We have a state of the art infrastructure at SKS one of the Best Cbse Affiliated School In Noida . Our aesthetically designed building is spread in about 3 acres with a perfect ambience. Classes at SKS World School are well spacious and integrated with computer & projectors. Acknowledging the fact of importance of physical exercise in students we provide the facility of a vast playground with all sporting facilities available. Proper care has been taken while the establishment of canteen so that the food is stored and served in the most hygienic conditions. SKS World School one of the Best school in Noida provides the facility of Science lab, Math lab, Robotic lab & Computer Lab as we believe that Nobel laureates are created in the school labs.

We warmly invite all the applications for admission at SKS World School one of the Best school in Noida .

Choose Your Path To Success | Best School In Noida

SKS World School is one of the Best School In Noida imparting quality education to the students seeking school admissions in Ghaziabad. When you choose SKS you just not choose a school but you choose your path to success. We are one of the top schools in Crossing Republik providing benchmark education and one of the best school facilities in Greater Noida.

Here are some of the points to support your choice of SKS as a guide for your child.

Awards and accolades: we have been awarded several times for our valuable service to the society. Some of the awards are: top cbse affiliated School, Greater Noida West by Education Today, International school award 2018-21 by British Council, Best School Award in Delhi/NCR by Bharat Vikas Parishad. These awards are to support the fact that we are one of the top schools near Greater Noida West/Crossing Republik and one of the best options for your child.

Facilities & Infrastructure: if we want our kids to bring laurels to the nation we must equip them with all the requisite facilities modern equipments in order to bring out their hidden talent. SKS world School provides one of the Best School In Noida for its students to hone their skills. The infrastructure of the school has been aesthetically designed to cater to all the educational needs of the students. Various labs, libraries are open for the students to practice their hands on approach.

Teaching Faculty: we have been able to serve you the best and become one of the most popular schools near greater Noida  just because of the sheer effort of our teaching faculty. Actually the teachers are the real path makers for students. All the teachers are well experienced and dedicated towards their profession. The student teacher ratio is 20: 1 so that each and every student could get personalized care and attention.

By the time you would have come to know that how you are choosing the path to success for your child by getting admission in Ghaziabad at SKS world School.

Why Let Your Child Study At The Best School In Greater Noida

Every child can tolerate and absorb a different amount and different kind of information. The Best School in Greater Noida  suggests that the worst a parent can do at the moment is to avoid the conversation letting your kids fear becoming bigger by the day. The kids do not need to know every little available detail, but it is important to let them know something. Avoiding the conversation leaves the kids with a void that they fill with dangerous negative thoughts. In contrast, education empowers them and gives them a sense of fulfillment that they can contribute to society and protect their families.

We empower your kids with knowledge

This is one of the biggest benefits of studying at SKS World School – the top CBSE School in Noida Extension. Our teachers work for the betterment of our students. Apart from academics, we prepare students to face life challenges with confidence. We teach them good hygiene and respiratory etiquette which seems quite useful during the pandemic.

We come to know from parents that their child knows how to take care of themselves. They know it is important to cover their nose and mouth or use tissues when sneezing or coughing. There’s no need to instruct our students to sanitize their hands/wash them with soap and water for 20 seconds before consuming anything, and after using the loo. This is how we prepare our students. Our efforts are making us stand among the top 10 schools in Greater Noida West and we are proud of this.

We are a popular school in Greater Noida West!

Being a parent, if you want your kids’ to be confident and prepare for tomorrow so that they can come across each challenge without any fear, then let them study at the Best School in Greater Noida . This is to inform parents that SKS World School – known for providing the best school facility in Greater Noida is inviting applications for admission in 2021-22 academic sessions. You can fill the registration available on the website with your child’s academic details to fulfill the basic criteria for CBSE School Admission in Greater Noida.

Activity Based Learning In Schools | Best International School In East Delhi

After serving for long years at SKS World School one of the Best International School In East Delhi  I realized that most probably there lies no pleasure in any work other than in the process of imparting education. What I learnt at SKS one of the best cbse affiliated school in east delhi  lies in two words hard work and dedication. On the very first day of my joining I was amazed with the dedication of teachers towards the process of imparting education.

Well my personal experiences says that talk of SKS World School and you get a bag full of praising words, but here I am not going to talk much about my teaching experiences or the qualities of SKS World School. The reason behind writing this blog is to talk about the learning techniques for students at SKS World School one of the best cbse affiliated school in east delhi .

Use of printing materials rather than technology integrated education

Even though we are one of the top cbse affiliated school in East Delhi equipped with all latest technologies and modern equipments but still we focus on classical yet best method to impart quality education. Much of the education is imparted through printed materials rather than allowing tablets, laptop in school. Printed materials leave long lasting remark on the mind of students. We at SKS World School one of the most popular school in list of schools in South Delhi provide the facility of library so that students could get the access of all the printed materials.

Activity based learning

Learning by doing is the best method I have ever encountered to teach students. Students learn better when they do it practically. STEM based education was quite new for me when I joined SKS one of the Best International School In East Delhi  I was amazed with the knowledge and curiosity of the students while using robotic aids. I think there can be no other best method to engage students rather than making them to complete the project themselves.

As a teacher I feel very fortunate to have got such an amazing platform for the process of imparting education. Through SKS I have been able to fulfill my dream of being a teacher.

Which School Is The Best Among The Top Cbse Affiliated School In Noida

Finding the school which is for your children is considered one of the biggest challenges that parents come across. But, if you live in Noida or Delhi NCR region, you don’t need to worry much. There is only one school in the entire area that fulfills all the criteria of imparting the best educational facilities and famous for being the top cbse affiliated school in noida  . No doubt, it is none other than SKS World School. Let’s find out why!

Nurtured to become a self-motivated individual 

It’s observed that children studying in an international school are taught to be self-motivated so that they can easily tackle the difficulties coming in the future. Instead of following rote-learning methods, students are imbibed with critical thinking methods to easily deal with the problematic situation.

Along with this, we also focus on giving students practical knowledge. We have different labs in our school where students will get the chance to learn fundamentals by performing experiments. Our unique teaching approach is one of the biggest reasons we are recognized for offering the best school facility in Noida, Noida, and the entire Delhi NCR region.

Better Scope for Higher Education

There are many benefits of studying in an international school, and getting exposure to a worldwide forum is only one of them. We see many of our students faced lesser limitations when they have applied for colleges and universities abroad after class 12th. Its credit goes to teachers without whom we cannot stand among the most popular schools near Noida Extension.

Our teachers give each student proper attention, guide them about their future, and answer their queries. So, if you want your kids to enjoy the benefits of studying in one of the top cbse affiliated school in noida and Delhi NCR, then it’s best to enquire about the procedure for CBSE school admission in Greater Noida. Hurry up as admission opens for session 2021-22.

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