SKS World School – Best Choice For CBSE School Admission in Noida Extension

SKS World School has been established with a vision to deliver quality education to the students from kindergarten to class 10th onwards. Being the top CBSE School in Noida ExtensionSKS World School not only works for the well-being of the students but also for the environment and society we are living in. We the only top ranking school in Noida Extension that works for the overall development of students. It’s why we become a preferred choice for parents when it comes to CBSE School Admission in Noida Extension.

We are proudly enjoying the reputation for being one of the top 10 schools in Greater Noida West. Our teachers, faculties, and entire school staff work dedicatedly for epitomizing the mission and vision of the school by maintaining high standards of education. Our mission is to give responsible citizens to society, and therefore, we work for the overall development of our students.

Indoor Yoga Studio and Classes

Our Vision

Being the most popular school in Greater Noida West, SKS World School works dedicatedly to creating a fun learning environment to help our students transition from home to school and then in a community to lay a foundation for lifelong success.

Our Mission

Famous for offering the best school facility in Greater NoidaSKS World School aims at creating a highly-skilled team that not only respects the child’s nature but also focuses on making a child’s welfare entirely central to its philosophy. Other than this, we also work for creating a collaborative environment with our student’s families so that our students will get proper care not only at their school but also at their homes, which results in achieving their highest potentials.

IMPORTANT NOTICE- CBSE School Admission in Noida Extension for 2021-22 Sessions has started!

Therefore, if you haven’t applied for admissions, then carefully submit the duly filled registration form as soon as possible.  

Build Up Your Children Strong Foundation | Popular Schools In Greater Noida

Providing a strong foundation and Popular Schools In Greater Noida  /Ghaziabad is what we aim at SKS World School one of the top CBSE schools in Noida Extension.

Today this bog is aimed at describing how we develop the strong foundation of our students as we believe that students are strong as their foundation

Creating a strong base for rising child-education

  • Each country needs leaders who have the means, experience and courage to build a better life. And hence we at SKS one of the top ranking schools in Noida Extension take pride in the fact that we have a dedicated team of faculty to concentrate on the upbringing of each and every child.
  • Education is a like a staircase to come out of poverty. Thus at SKS one among the top 10 schools in Greater Noida West we focus on inculcating moral as well as educational values in our students to make them strong enough to help themselves as well as others to come out of the curse of poverty( if someone faces it).
  • Good education gives kids the intellectual, emotional, and physical skills they need to develop to their full potential – and resolve any obstacles they face.
  • What THEY Know DEPENDS ON WHERE they Know

Rich classroom environments are stimulating the mind and speeding up learning. We at one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida West aim at providing rich and sound classroom environments since we believe strongly in the fact that learning environment affects the child most.

Importance Of Technology At The Top International Schools In Noida

SKS World School is one of the  Top International Schools In Noida where quality education is imparted in both ways technology and instructional based. More emphasis is given on technology based education as technology is the need of the hour. Technology based education at SKS World School one of the best  kindergarten schools in East Delhi allows teachers and students to access the internet and view educational materials according to their need. We take pride in ourselves for providing the best CBSE affiliated schools in Noida through our quality based technology integrated education, state of the art infrastructure, safe and secure transport facilities and various other facilities adding feather in the cap of SKS World School.

Digital classrooms

SKS World School one of the top kindergarten schools in Noida provides a classroom environment that encourages excellence and help students in achieving their better performance. To encourage technology based education the classes of SKS World School are equipped with computer projector, A/V aids.

SKS, one of the top schools in list of schools in East Delhi has a well equipped computer lab laced with new softwares. Technology integrated labs and technology based education are sine qua non at SKS World School. Science lab, Robotic lab and computer lab all are equipped with requisite technologies that enhance the scope of technology based education at SKS one of the Top International Schools In Noida .

For all our esteemed parents we know their concern for their child therefore to keep them updated with their child’s development. We have aesthetically designed mobile App for parents, facilities of SMS updates as well. Through the mobile app parents can check attendance, exams, marks and can remain updated with their child’s day to day growth. School transports are also equipped with GPS to ensure the safety and security.

Library Plays an Important in Student’s Life | Top International School in East Delhi

SKS World School is the top international school in East Delhi that’s famous among parents for offering modern facilities at the lowest school fees in South Delhi and the NCR region. We have a full-fledged library which is also a honey-spot for many students. Unlike other schools, our library also includes books for preschool students. From rhymes, storybooks, compact children dictionaries, writing books, English Picture books, to other Katha books, we have a huge college of books for our kindergarten students as well. It’s one of the most significant reasons why we are known for being the best kindergarten school in South Delhi.

Top International School in East Delhi

Syllabus Reference Books 

If we are considering school books, then students can easily avail textbooks of their choice from the library. From Class 1 to Class 12, every class’s textbooks are available in the library of the top ranking school in Noida. There are different sections in the library so that students can easily find the book they want. These books include different subjects like English Grammar, algebra, stories, poems, science books, Hindi grammar, Organizational Behaviour, Financial Planning, Business studies, social science, Physics, Chemistry, and many more.

Competitive Reference Books 

Apart from textbooks, the library of the top CBSE affiliated school in Noida also includes reference books and competitive study materials for different exams, from engineering, medical, law, fashion to PSUs, and all other entrance examinations. Keeping the examination aspirants’ needs in mind, we always strive to provide the best reference materials to our students to help them prepare for their exams.

In case of any specific requirements, students can share their requirements with the librarian. Being the top international school in East Delhi, we are always available to help students in the best possible manner. Unlike other schools, we don’t charge extra fees for providing these books to our students. However, it includes the school fees. SKS World School is the only top-ranking school in Noida that offers these facilities at the lowest school fees in Noida.

Exciting Tours & Trips For Students | Best Cbse Affiliated School In Noida

Challenging oneself beyond the present circumstances is the culmination of one’s willpower, and here at the Best Cbse Affiliated School In Noida  , we carry the mission of pushing children beyond the permissible limit. SKS World School was founded with a vision to create a distinctive place that works for conferring quality education. Many schools ranking in the top list of schools in Noida Expressway focuses only on academics leaving extracurricular activities behind.

We are the only top international school in Noida that not only focuses on academics but also gives great importance to other extracurricular activities. We take students to different educational tours, adventurous tours, exhibitions, and science forums for better learning.

Best Cbse Affiliated School In Noida

Educational Tours

Our main focus is on cultivating students with confidence, willpower, and resilience. We take students on different educational tours with the purpose to expand the horizon of children.

Being the top-ranking school in Noida, we believe in promoting the incremental growth of our students. For this, we conduct different of type adventure activities inside our school premises for the cognitive development of our students.

Adventurous Tours

No doubt, SKS World School is synonymous of the best international school in South DelhiIts major credit goes to the initiatives that we take in favor of our students, and adventurous tours are one of them.

Adventure excellence is set by its diverse range of adventure activities, which develop the physical alacrity and mental wellness of children. Study alone is not enough for the incremental growth of kids.  However, if it’s aligned with physical activity, it will not only boost up student’s energy levels but also enhances their creative compass more productively.

The Best Cbse Affiliated School In Noida , SKS World School encourages students to go beyond the permissible limit of their courage to be able to become more confident, focused, resilient and empathetic.

Why Select SKS World School As The Top School in Greater Noida

SKS World School is the best choice for school admissions in Greater Noida, and its significant credit goes to our unique teaching methodology. We are well-known for our teaching skills that emphasize enabling students to express their true potential. It’s why SKS World School is preferred by parents when it comes to select the Top School in Greater Noida . Many other qualities make any school the best. Let’s give you an overview of the other qualities of our school.

An Overview of Extracurricular Activities

No doubt, SKS World School is the top schools in Greater Noidaand its great credit goes to the facilities that we offer. Let’s give you an overview of the extracurricular activities that only our school offers. 

Top School in Greater Noida
  • Art Facilities: The art facilities that we offer incorporate separate studios for different activities, which include sand art, clay modeling, paper sculpture, etc.
  • Literary Experiences: We conduct several extra-curricular activities to improve student’s literary experiences.
  • Sports: Being the best school in NoidaSKS World School excellent sports facilities under the supervision of a qualified coach.
  • Transport FacilitiesSKS World School confers safe pick and drops transport facilities within the 10 km of the school’s circle.

Why SKS World School Is An Idea Choice For Your Kids?

Teachers play a pivotal role in the overall development of a child. At SKS World School, teachers and staff are very committed to their professions. Engaging students in different learning activities to prepare them for tomorrow’s life challenges is our main agenda.

ATTENTION – Admissions Open for 2021-22 Academic Sessions!

SKS World School is one of the top school in Greater Noidaand it’s an ideal choice for your kid’s schooling and their overall development. This is to inform interested parents that school admissions in Greater Noida have begun. For admission related queries, contact us immediately.

Dussehra Celebration At best kindergarten schools in East Delhi

SKS world School is one of the best kindergarten schools in East Delhi where education & fun go hand in hand. Children are not just motivated to study hard but also encouraged to participate in activities organized at SKS World School from time to time.

SKS World School is one of the top ranking schools in South Delhi hence we aim at all inclusive growth of students through proper balance between sports, studies and activities.

This blog is a window to some of the activities held at SKS World School.

  • Teacher’s day celebration

Though we celebrate each & every festival within the school premises but the main purpose behind starting the blog with the description of teacher’s day celebration is to extend our special thanks to our esteemed teachers. We have been able to secure a respectable position in the list of schools in Noida only through the sheer effort of our teachers. Kids expressed their love and respect for their teachers through the greeting cards created by them.

  • Master Chef Celebration

Being one of the top Kindergarten schools in Noida gives us a sense of responsibility towards our enrolled students. Not only their education but supporting them in their area of interest is also a part of our responsibility. Master Chef Competition was held at 27th September 2019 for classes Montessori to IX. All the interested students participated in the activity & prepared food of their choice. Teachers were amazed with the cooking talents kids had.

  • Dussehra Celebration

Dussehra marks the victory of good over evil. To let students know about the culture & traditions of India, Dussehra celebration was organized at 4th October in SKS World School one of the best kindergarten schools in East Delhi. Kids were excited to know the story of Dussehra as well as fascinated by the performance of students in the attire of related characters of Dussehra.

To create a sense of respect among students for their school staffs, mother, grandparents functions like Labour’s day, mother’s day & grandparent’s day were also organized at SKS World School .For parents seeking school admissions in CBSE affiliated school in Noida Expressway/ South Delhi for their kids we assure them to nurture their kids in the best possible manner and to create a conducive environment for learning.

Sports And Cultural Activities At The Top Schools Near Noida Extension

All inclusive growth of students is what we aim at SKS one of the top schools near Noida Extension. To nurture young mind into a well developed mind is our primary motto. We strength on making our students strong be it be mentally or physically. However through this blog we are going to share with you some of the ways to enhance emotional strengths in our students as we believe that being emotional is good but being over emotional lets people to take advantages of us.

Interaction session with eminent personalities

Kids have tendency not to settle down at one place hence on a regular interval we at SKS one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida hold interactions session with eminent personalities to keep students on right path and to always keep them motivated towards moving on the right path. Eminent personalities include professors from different colleges, scientists and leaders to name few. The reason behind holding such sessions on a regular basis by SKS one of the top CBSE Schools in Greater Noida is that we have seen students waiting with bated breath to attend the seminars.

Sports and cultural activities

Cultural activities held at SKS World School one of the top CBSE Schools in Greater Noida are aimed at imbibing strong sense of moral and cultural values in students so that they don’t grow as a child neither with less sympathy nor with over sympathy. Cultural activities also helps them to grow with a sense of togetherness while at the same time sports activities lets them to grow in a environment full of competition. Thus sense of togetherness as well as sense of competition remains both in their mind making them comfortable and balance minded every time.

Yoga Session

Yoga helps them to remain in a balanced state of mind and hence we at SKS one of the top provider of Top Schools Near Noida Extension encourage students to actively participate in Yoga classes so that they could have better control on their mind and would help them to remain calm, composed and balanced in every situation.

For parents seeking admissions in Ghaziabad we ensure them to bring an all inclusive growth in their child in the best possible manner.

Educational Trips For Students | Top Ranking School In South Delhi

The best way to learn something is to get into it, feel it, see it and observe it. We at SKS World School one of the Top Ranking School In South Delhi believe at making learning easy and fun for students. Travelling lets student see the life in a different way. Memories of school trips remain cherished in the minds of students for years and leave a great impact on the young brain of students.

Top Ranking School In South Delhi

At SKS one of the top cbse school in list of schools in Noida we believe that memories of school trips remain cherished in the minds of students for years as well as travelling with a group helps them to be respectful to the places they visit. We organize excursions on regular intervals so that students could learn the things in a much better way. For parents seeking school admissions in Noida Extension/ Ghaziabad we assure them to involve all best possible methodologies to teach students and to make them curious about the process of learning.

Students waiting with bated breath have given us impetus to move ahead with this method of teaching. Gone are the days when, students will learn everything sitting inside a covered classroom . Excursions play an important role in making students socially & mentally capable.

Adventurous trips, educational trips, trips to places of historical importance and other excursions are planned considering the interests and well being of the young leaders. To awaken the intelligence of young minds we need an attentive state of mind which cannot be forcefully inculcated. Attentive state of mind is at maximum level when there is the joy of discovery. Acknowledging all these facts we at SKS, one of the Top Ranking School In South Delhi plan excursions as per the wish of our students. However the cost of travelling in excursions is not a part of school fees and is an optional activity meant only for the joy of discovery.

Choose The Best School In Greater Noida For Child Growth

SKS World School is one of the best schools in Greater Noida ” this I was told by some of the parents. Since I was looking for one of the top schools  in Crossing Republik for my ward , I had to spend many sleepless nights and restless days searching for a school which would not only give my child better education but also focuses on all inclusive development of my child. I visited to many schools, discussed with many parents but was not sure which school would fulfill my expectations.

Best School In Greater Noida

I was looking for school where my ward will get full mental and physical strength for my ward. Spending many restless days and discussing with my peers, counselors I finally reached at the conclusion that SKS World School probably provides the best environment.  Here I used probably because still I had not visited the school and I could not take the chance to enroll my ward in a school without meeting the teachers or without taking a look of the infrastructure of the school. “SKS is one of the most popular school in Greater Noida” this I had heard only but why it was so, I was confirmed when I visited the school.

Through this blog I only mean to thanks SKS World School as well as to guide parents that if they are looking for school admission at one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida they must choose SKS World School as it provides the best teaching faculty , state of the art infrastructure and most importantly a home away from home environment for our children.


As soon as I entered the school building, I was amazed with the impressive building of the school. I was welcomed at an aesthetically designed reception area. One thing which moved me a lot was the polite behavior of the staffs. At that point I realized why it is one of the top provider of best school facility in Ghaziabad. Thereafter, I was taken to the person concerned with the admission process. After a long discussion hour I was finally satisfied with the facilities provided by SKS World School.


Like other parents I also wanted to know about the teaching faculty a SKS World School. Adding to my satisfaction level the teaching faculty at one of the best kindergarten school in South Delhi is very qualified and competent. I was happy with the way they were taking care of every student. They also informed me that to keep the staff updated adequate teacher’s training was also provided to them.

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