No Decision to Start the Classes by Government | Best School in Greater Noida

These days, the country is going through the worst situations due to the coronavirus, and its biggest effect is seen on students. A few days back, the government has decided to postpone class 12th CBSE board exams and class 10th was canceled. The Best School in Greater Noida has updated all the important details of the notice through our blog. If you wish to see the blog, then click on the link given below.

CBSE Cancelled Class 10th Board Exams | Top CBSE School in Greater Noida

Uttar Pradesh government has instructed schools to remain close till 15 May to keep students safe from the novel coronavirus. Being the best school in Greater Noida, SKS World School welcomed this decision and shut down the schools. We have started online classes to keep students up to date with their studies.

Interactive Classrooms with AV Aids

The Top School in Greater Noida Will Remain Shut Till 15 May

Now, the state government decided that there will be no online classes in the school till 15th May because of rising COVID cases. This decision was taken under the presence of UP’s CM Yogi Adityanath. Being the top school in Greater Noida, SKS World School is all set to follow the given instruction. According to which the no school will open for any work, which means no student, teachers, and staff will present in the school. The school will remain close for administrative work as well during this period.

Important Update about the school admissions in Greater Noida

All parents interested in their children’s admission to the SKS World School can submit the registration forms online. As the school will remain shut and there will be no administration, there’s no need to visit the school. You can submit the form online. Forms are available on the official website, fill in and submit it as soon as possible. For more updates, follow the blog post shared by the Best School in Greater Noida – SKS World School.

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