Parent’s Role in Student’s Overall Development | Top Ranking School in East Delhi

Learning is a never-ending process. It doesn’t start or end with school hours. It’s an ongoing process that involves students’ and teachers’ engagement during school and demands parents’ involvement during off-school hours. Teachers can present with students only in schools, and in some cases, they may give in the tuitions classes. At some point, it also becomes the parent’s responsibility to help a child in academics. In today’s blog, SKS World School – the Top Ranking School in East Delhi top ranking school in East Delhi aim at helping parents to understand that they are equally responsible for their child’s overall development, along with the school.

Top Ranking School in East Delhi
What’s your responsibility as a parent for child’s overall development?

Students spend most of their time in the school. But, before school, their home is their school and parents are their teachers. They will learn whatever they will observe at the home. As per observations of the best kindergarten school in East Delhi, if we look at the informal learning possibilities, then old beliefs saying, “Books are the only source of information”, is at the urge of denial.

It’s the point where you as a parent stand like a savior. According to the top CBSE affiliated school in Noida, parents can analysis kids’ overall performance reports, child’s progress, especially when teachers aren’t present to help them with their overall development.

As the top ranking school in Noida, what are we doing?

Nowadays, the internet emerges as the giant source of information that offers countless opportunities to gather ample information with a few clicks’ ease. All the credit goes to technology. Therefore, it’s very important for students to get updated with the latest technologies to cope up with today’s demand. Knowing this, SKS World School – top international school in East Delhi employs the best teaching practices to help students up-to-date with the latest trends.

If one says that technology has become the essential tool of modern-day life, then it’s among those facts that can’t be denied. As per suggestions of the top ranking school in East Delhi, now is the right time for parents to use technological advancements to be a part of their child’s shining academic life.

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