Help Them Think Critically | Best School In Noida Extension

SKS World School is one of the Best school in noida extension  and hence we aim with the motive of inculcating all inclusive growth in students. Inculcating the sense of critical thinking is foremost important goal which we aim at. We take pride in ourselves for being one of the best international schools in South Delhi.

Given below are some of the points which we follow for developing critical thinking skills in our students.

Encourage agreement & Disagreement

We are one of the Best International school in Greater noida with a home away from home environment for our learners. Teachers at SKS one of the Top cbse school in noida extension is like friends to the students. We try to make students feel free to share their queries and even make them free to show agreement or disagreement at any point or topic if they have. Encouraging agreement or disagreement help students to think critically and express their views, opinions on a topic.

Best School In Noida Extension

Let them say ‘why’?

Why! The word not only creates confusion but behind the confusion in why lies the ability to think. We at SKS World School one of the Best International school in Greater noida  encourage students to put questions ahead of teachers. Asking why, how develops critical thinking ability in students. Actually when students ask why from teachers, it means that they are generating the interest in the subject as well as developing the ability to think further from what is taught.

Extracurricular activities

We at SKS World School lay focus on extracurricular activities to develop critical thinking. Students are motivated to take part in excursions, group discussion, debate held at school. Participating in debate, discussions develop critical thinking abilities in students.

Extracurricular activities are held at regular intervals in SKS World School one of the Top cbse school in noida extension .  We warmly students at SKS one of the Best school in noida extension , and spread our warm wishes for them for choosing the right way to the bright and shining future. All inclusive growth of students is our motto.

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