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The Future Builders At | Top Ranking Schools In Noida

A teacher has different names instructor, tutor, educator but one meaning. But teachers at SKS World School one of the top ranking schools in Noida add one more name in the list of names of teacher i.e. friend. For parents looking for top cbse affiliated school in South Delhi can choose SKS World School for the bright future of their child as at SKS World School we believe in being the friend of students rather than just the teacher. Teachers have the capacity to shape tomorrow. Teachers motivate the child as no one else can do. We have been able to achieve the feat of being one of the best cbse affiliated school in Noida because of the sheer determination and hard work of our teachers.

For those interested in school admission with an affordable school fees in sector 137 Noida can join SKS World School. Through this blog we have laid down certain points which prove that why we are one of the top ranking schools in Noida and how our teachers are working to shape the leaders of tomorrow.


Encouraging students is our one of the important key to success. Motivated students give better results than those non- motivated. We at SKS World School, one of the top CBSE schools in Noida strongly believe that encouraging students make them more enthusiastic about learning. ‘’good job’’, well done’’ are some of the magical words that leave a long lasting impression on the mind of students.

Make Learning Fun

Teaching with fun is one of the important teaching methodologies followed at SKS World School, one of the best cbse affiliated school in Noida. Fun in learning increases the memory retention power and keep students engaged and focused on study. We know that the idea of learning with fun is hard but only through these hard and unique ideas we have been able to achieve the feat of being one of the top international school in Noida Expressway

Set Performance Goals

Assigning task and goals to students keep them focused on their study. In order to get appreciation students finish their task and thus achieve their goals within the time limit. Teachers at SKS World School, one of the top ranking schools in Noida believe in the fact that setting goals gives long term vision and short term encouragement.

Track Improvement

To track the improvement of our students we at SKS World School organize time to time parent’s teachers meet to evaluate the improvement record of students and to inform the same to their parents. Improvement tracking let us know the time to time growth of students as well as encourage teachers to work harder for students to achieve better results.


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