The Value Of Wellness At One Of The top school near Noida extension

With the spread of deadly corona Virus we take it as prime duty to spread awareness  among the humankind especially the s to how to protect themselves from COVID 19. However dear students sacrificing all your freedoms especially due to the deadly virus is not also proper.

Below are some of the steps we have taken to preserve our students ‘ physical and mental well-being, especially this time.

Yoga Lessons

Yoga has its origins in India back to thousands of years. Yoga emerged primarily in India. We are one of  the Top cbse school in noida extension but still rooted to the ground and agree that students should stick to the ancient methods of wellness programs to keep them well. Under expert guidance yoga classes are open to all students. during this  time of medical epidemic this will even be more beneficial. Therefore because a healthy mind rests in a healthy body we urge students to regularly practice yoga. We are one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, and we continue to concentrate not only on the growth of our students ‘ mental academics, but also on the physical growth of our students.

Vast playground

Playground typically inculcates the students sense of coexistence and discipline. But that isn’t just what playing field does. The playground at one of the top school near Noida extension stretches over 150 meters in length. There are individual courts for various sports like Basketball, KHO-KHO, Football, Badminton and Cricket to name just a few.  The more the energy level of the body the less the chances of getting affected by deadly virus.

Cafeteria not only rejuvenates students ‘ minds but also meets their different needs. However, we ensure that hygienically prepared food items are served so that the quality of food does not affect any of the students. Cafeteria is available to all school students to enjoy interacting with their mates there.


However, at one of top schools in Crossing Republik , we ensure that all students and staff are safe from unnecessary incidents, but some conditions are out of reach. Hence we at SKS have an esthetically equipped infirmary with all the necessary facilities to provide the students with medical assistance in case of emergency. From time to time daily medical camps are planned

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