Two Magical Words Can Do A Lot For You | Top cbse schools in Noida extension

SKS World School is one of the Top cbse school in Greater noida and hence it is our primary motive to bring all inclusive growth in our students.  However dear students today we will teach you two magical words that will help you a lot in the future. Guess what! We are definitely not going to give you a talisman that will change your life once you wear it.

Well we will not take much time in guessing what are those two magical words? Dear students these two magical words are Thank You and Sorry. While a sorry can help you get a second chance on the other hand thank you motivates you to do more good things in your life.


Dear students admitting your mistake and realizing that you have done wrong with someone or something is the first step towards yourself improvement.  We at one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida believe that all our students will definitely stand upon our teachings and will never hesitate to accept what they have done. Saying Sorry to someone does not mean you have lost respect near that person it only means that you have finally realized your mistakes. A sorry always helps you in getting the second chance to improve yourself. If your are saying sorry that means you are more responsible as well.

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Blaming external factors for your mistakes rather than taking responsibility annoys the person to whom you are expecting chance. Dear students we at one of the best schools in Greater Noida have always given and will always give the maximum effort to make you a better person and we believe that the lessons which we teach must not end after the school hour ends.  Always remember we are humans and committing is not unique and new to us,  anyone can be wrong , those who accept their mistakes are someone who are given chance and those who don’t have to regret in future.

Thank You: 

Saying Thank You is the most wonderful gift we can give to someone. Dear students being grateful to your teachers, parents , friends and non teaching staffs is profoundly important , it brings out a sense of kindness in you. Students you must have remembered that SKS World School one of the top cbse schools in Noida extension organized a separate party for labor’s day, grandparent’s day, and teacher’s day. The main purpose behind this to prepare students to express their gratitude for all of them who contribute selflessly in turning out the kids of today the asset of tomorrow.

Students we believe that this blog by one of the top provider of best school facilities in Greater Noida will force you to think again and discover the importance of Sorry and Thank You. these two are the magical words which will help you most in your life besides of hard work.

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