How To Prevent Violence In School | Top CBSE school in Greater noida

30th of January makes us remind about the assassination of the lover of Non- Violence known as the father of the nation. Late. Shri mahatma Gandhi. By the dint of his hard labor through non-violence lead to rising of an Independent nation called India.

Walking on the footsteps of the father of the nation we at SKS World School one of the Best school in Greater noida strictly take harsh actions if any students, staff members are found indulge in such activities.

Talk to Your Children Keeping the communication lines open with your children and teenagers is a n important step in keeping them interested with their schoolwork, friends and events. These types of activities reduce the chances of violence. We at one of the Top CBSE schools in Greater Noida advise all parents to find time for communication with their child.

Hold important discussions with your children — about violence, smoking, drugs, sex, drinking, death — even if the topics are challenging or embarrassing (read more about substance abuse). 

Don’t wait to have your kids or teenagers come to you Set Clear Rules and Limits for Your Children They need clear rules and limits set for them so they know what is expected of them and the consequences of failure to comply. We at SKS one of the top schools in Noida Extension have a defined set of rules and regulations for our students. Make sure that children understand the purpose behind the rules when setting family rules and limits, and be consistent in enforcing them.

Know the Warning Signs Knowing what your son or daughter’s normal behavior is can help you recognize even minor behavioral changes and give you an early warning that something is troubling your child.

We urge parents to quickly inform us if they notice any unwanted change in behavior of their child.This is especially for parents seeking admission in Greater Noida Stay Involved in Your Child’s School Tell your kids that you think education is important and that you want your kids to do their best in school by engaging in their education. G

et to know the teachers of your child, and help them get to know your child and you. Communicate with teachers in your child throughout the school year, not only when there are issues.

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