What We As A Nation Expect From You | Top Schools in Crossing Republik

Dear students we all are the citizens of India. And by being a citizen of the country we have some responsibilities towards the nation. The responsibility to protect her dignity, to preserve her culture and traditions and to take an oath to never indulge in such activities that may bring down the dignity of the nation. Dear kids you are the future of the nation and everyone including the motherland have expectations from you. We at SKS World School one of the top cbse schools in Greater Noida feel pride in ourselves for the way produce the future leaders of tomorrow.

This blog is especially for you to know what we all expect from you.Honest: 

it is a very old adage that “honesty is the best policy”. Getting success is good but following unfair ways to attain success is the worst way you can ever choose. Dear students, you will definitely encounter hurdles sometimes big, while sometimes small while moving on right path however on the wrong path you may not encounter several hurdles and at the same time they may be shortcut way also to reach at your destiny. But that way will not give you satisfaction, you cannot even proudly share your ways to success.

Hence dear students always remember right path may delay your success but once attained it will be for lifetime. We have been able to achieve the notion of being one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida because we always had faith in our honesty, we always on right path to attain success.

Hard labor: 

There is no shortcut to success. Kids if you stop yourself now from working hard believe it for the whole lifetime you are going to regret for it.  It is the hard labor of entire staff of SKS that has helped us to earn the notion of being the Top Schools in Crossing Republik. No one can gift you success you have to earn it. We are there to guide you, pave the way for you to get success.

Service to Humanity:

Service to humanity is service to god. Dear students we never ask to give away everything what you have for the service of humanity we want only to share it. Sharing is always good.  We are always there to inculcate the sense of humanity in you and for the same we at one of the best schools in Greater Noida West on regular intervals plan trips to orphanage, old age home and slum areas so that you can feel the pain they are in.

For parents seeking admissions in Greater Noida we urge them to motivate their child for noble works. Parents are the first teachers of kids so our esteemed parents you must start creating awareness in your child for all these and for the rest we ensure you, that we will make your child capable of bringing the laurels for the motherland.   JAI HIND, And Happy Republic Day to all in advance may the patriotic fervor always remain alive in all the hearts.

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