Why is it important to be mentally and physically strong? top schools in Crossing Republik

We at SKS one of the most top schools in Crossing Republik recently organized a seminar by motivational speakers to let students know the importance of mental strength.  Now the question arises how to maintain mental strength if suddenly we have encountered an awkward situation? To answer this let us take an example of a young girl facing breakup. The mental stability of the girl depends on the expectations level of the girl with the boy. The girl will be hurt only to the level of expectations she had with the boy.

Higher the level of expectations the more the girl will get hurt. The outcome is that never have expectations from anyone. Expectations always lead to disappointment. Again take the example of the girl facing the breakup. Suppose girl always has thoughts that the boy will never leave her, he will never shout on her. Here goes up the disappointment level as soon as the boy leaves the girl the expectations of the girl breaks and her mental strength goes down.  Break of expectations always lead to low mental strength.

Dear students, never work for someone with a kind of expectation in mind. We have been able to achieve the feat of being one of the top ranking schools in Noida Extension only because we always worked selflessly for the society with a single motive to educate the masses. Dear students you all must be having peers group, best friends but as your educator we advise you to be attached only to the level till it not affects your mental strength.

Now comes physical strength, physical strength is not as hard as mental strength. Eat healthy food to stay healthy. Always remember physical strength will help you to stay mentally healthy and happy.

We are one of the best schools in Greater Noida and hence we always pray for your healthy, prosperous and happy life. The only thing we wish to advise you is that setbacks will make you strong, never be afraid of setbacks, setbacks lets you decide and monitor your mental strength and physical strength.

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