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Promoting The Sense Of Patriotism Among Students At The Best International school in Greater noida

Dear students, we are confident that since our inception we at SKS World School one of the Top cbse school in Greater noida west we have been able to provide you the best school facility in Ghaziabad with a student friendly environment along with the state of the art facilities. We work with the single aim of promoting great sense of moral and ethical values among you and we believe till date we have proudly achieved that.

We take it as our prime duty to imbibe the sense of patriotism as well in our students as they are the future generations of the nation. We train our students to not to get involved in activities affecting the integrity and peace of the nation. To inculcate in them the sense of togetherness we at SKS one of the Best school in noida extension tend to organize cultural and sports activities with the co-operation and collaboration of all the classes. Dear students you are the future of the nation and we are the torch bearers for you.

Kids usually learn what they see. Is this we are going to gift our future generations? By being a part of most popular schools in Greater Noida we take it as our responsibility to protect our kids from such heinous and non – patriotism activities which not only affects the people of the nation but also left behind it a negative impact for us in foreigners who visit India as a tourist or those interested in the day to day activities of India.

The integrity of the nation is at stake which can only be regained if we stand together and in turn teach our young learners the true meaning of patriotism. Patriotism does not come from pelting stones but from using those stones to build a shelter for those living by roadside.

Dear students it is upto you whether you use the knowledge received from us to fight or to unite. We as a torch bearer will always be behind you to teach you motivate you and to support you. Always remember this nation is from you and you are from this nation. Come and be a part of SKS one of thehe Best International school in Greater noida  to experience patriotism in a true manner.


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