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What Really Christmas Stands For top Ranking schools in South Delhi

SKS World School one of the Top Ranking schools in South Delhi wishes all its esteemed readers, students, parents and well wishers a very prosperous and delightful Christmas. We hope to find all our readers in good health and Great Spirit. Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ however for kids the festival is meant to receive gifts from elders and peers.

list of schools in Noida

We at SKS one of the most popular school in the list of schools in Noida/East Delhi aim at inculcating the real meaning of Christmas in the young brains so that next time when they celebrate Christmas, they must know the true meaning of the festival.

c- Care for all

H- Humble to all

R- Respect for all

I- Inspire others and be self inspired

S- Sympathy for all

T- Throw away all your bad habits

M- Magnanimous

A- Accountable

S- Self Reliant

For us at SKS World School one of the top Kindergarten schools in Noida Expressway Christmas means the same as described above. For more Details visit us :


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