The Value Of Wellness At One Of The top school near Noida extension

With the spread of deadly corona Virus we take it as prime duty to spread awareness  among the humankind especially the s to how to protect themselves from COVID 19. However dear students sacrificing all your freedoms especially due to the deadly virus is not also proper.

Below are some of the steps we have taken to preserve our students ‘ physical and mental well-being, especially this time.

Yoga Lessons

Yoga has its origins in India back to thousands of years. Yoga emerged primarily in India. We are one of  the Top cbse school in noida extension but still rooted to the ground and agree that students should stick to the ancient methods of wellness programs to keep them well. Under expert guidance yoga classes are open to all students. during this  time of medical epidemic this will even be more beneficial. Therefore because a healthy mind rests in a healthy body we urge students to regularly practice yoga. We are one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, and we continue to concentrate not only on the growth of our students ‘ mental academics, but also on the physical growth of our students.

Vast playground

Playground typically inculcates the students sense of coexistence and discipline. But that isn’t just what playing field does. The playground at one of the top school near Noida extension stretches over 150 meters in length. There are individual courts for various sports like Basketball, KHO-KHO, Football, Badminton and Cricket to name just a few.  The more the energy level of the body the less the chances of getting affected by deadly virus.

Cafeteria not only rejuvenates students ‘ minds but also meets their different needs. However, we ensure that hygienically prepared food items are served so that the quality of food does not affect any of the students. Cafeteria is available to all school students to enjoy interacting with their mates there.


However, at one of top schools in Crossing Republik , we ensure that all students and staff are safe from unnecessary incidents, but some conditions are out of reach. Hence we at SKS have an esthetically equipped infirmary with all the necessary facilities to provide the students with medical assistance in case of emergency. From time to time daily medical camps are planned

Easy Steps To Success In Top CBSE Schools in Noida Extension

SKS World School one of the top schools in Greater Noida and through this blog we hope to find you and your family in best of your health and good spirit and prays for your safety from the deadly corona Virus.

Today through this blog we intend to share with you some of the easy steps to success that would help our dear students in attaining success. With the notion of one of the best schools in Noida Extension we Endeavour hard to inculcate in our students the habit of winning as winning is a habit at SKS World School.

Top CBSE Schools in Noida Extension

Whilst we all define success in one way or another, we all want it.

Forget about The Past

Plain and simple, ignoring past mistakes is the first step towards progress. Dear students your past might have bad marks in report card but that doesn’t confirm that you are going to be same or either your report card is going to be the same. We at one of the top ranking schools in Noida Extension believe in making you strong enough to forget about your past as well as we promise you to help in getting out of the bad phase of your life with the help of sheer determination, patience and courage. Dear students we promise you to never let you down if you have some bad numbers in your mark sheet. Forget the past and move ahead. Buck up dear child.

Translate your idea of success into a straightforward, achievable goal

Your goals are our mission. For parents looking for top CBSE schools in Noida Extension we assure you to assist you in your Endeavour to turn your ward’s dreams into reality.  Winning is a habit at SKS World School and hence like yester years we believe to continue the tradition of winning in the upcoming years. Dear students we advise you to Instead of having a general purpose, establish one in incredibly clear, concise and precise term.


If you can’t measure your success, then how do you know if you’ve been successful?  Learn to measure your success, we at SKS believe in appreciating the growth of each and every child as the measurement of success and letting ourselves  know that how much we have improved is one among the key factors behind success.

Based on Time

Last but not least, Goals which have no time frames are seldom accomplished. Dear students we suggest you to have time duration established for each and every goal as goals attained post time are not worth enough.

How to free students from stress during exam | best school facility in Ghaziabad

The exams session has finally started.  It is the most frustrating time for some while it is the time for others to prove themselves. Yet one more reality is also linked to exams that parents have to hurry with their children to doctors more and more, as most of them suffer from phobia of examination that either causes headache, stomach ache etc. Today, one of the Top school in Greater noida at SKS World School has decided to share the strategies used at our school to keep students stress-free.

  • Active recall

Active recall is one of the strategies to keep students stress-free at SKS, one of the top schools in Crossing Republik. Students stay stress-free before exams through active recall because they know they just need to revisit what they have already learned.

  • Regular breaks and schedule fun things to look forward to

We believe in offering students regular breaks to rejuvenate them. We at SKS one of the top provider of best school facility in Ghaziabad encourages students with a meticulously designed cafeteria to help them share their opinions and views on the topic of exams.  Recognizing the importance of healthy food  we serve highly hygienic and fresh snacks to students.

  • Teachers are always good friends

Dear students, you must respect your teachers, but you must always be free to share your problems as your friends are good. We at SKS one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida believe in being the best student mates and the torch bearers for them.

Share the colours of Joy | Top school in Greater noida

SKS World School one of the best schools in Noida Extension wishes you and your family Happy Holi in Advance. May this Holi bring the colour of happiness and good health for you and your family.

This Holi we aim at bringing smile on the faces of kids living by road side and orphanage as we believe that true meaning of a festival finally depends on how many smiling faces we have at last to behold.  Through this blog we would like to share whole day activities of our little wonders in order to celebrate the festival of colours. At the same time we invite applications from parents looking for admissions in Noida Extension.

The day at one of the Top cbse school in noida extension started with the positive and enthusiastic speech by respected Principal.  We could notice little kids waiting with bated breath for the joy of sharing to start.

Our aim and sheer determination towards making India educated and happy has helped us to earn the notion of being one of the Top school in Greater noida. We made sure to enrich such kids with the educational material and food materials that would make their festival sweeter.We at SKS World School believe that Sharing can be a challenge for young children but sharing is a skill they need during their childhood for playing and learning.

Top school in Greater noida

In offering her plenty of time and opportunities to practice you will help your child learn to share. It will also help to reward and encourage good sharing. In order to inculcate in them the practice of sharing in young learners we organized this activity. Sharing is a critical competency in life. It’s something kids and kids need to know so that they can make friends and play together.

The day was a new experience for kids and their contribution was worth to be captured.  We ensured to make the day special for underprivileged kids and in that order we organized dance and singing competition to fill the day with fun and joy.  The day ended with a well note, sharing special moments and teaching with the special kids.

For parents looking for CBSE affiliated school in Greater Noida West we assure you to enrich your child with all those key skills that is required in order to live a happy and respectful life.

Leap For The Betterment | Top CBSE schools in Greater Noida

Hello kids, its 29th of February the leap year. So what’s your plan leap like a Spiderman or leap towards a better man? Dear kids, you always have two options in your life select it or let it go. Today this blog by SKS one of the best schools in Noida Extension  we will let you know about some of those better ideas that would help turn yourself in a better human being.

  1. Honesty

Trust me kids honesty is the single gateway to success. Honesty works where nothing works. At SKS one of the Best School In Greater Noida we tend to impart highest sense of moral values in students from the early stage . Honesty is the best policy’ is the popular proverb that reflects the value of truthfulness, honesty and dignity in an individual’s life. The maxim ‘ Honesty is the best policy’ means having positive social qualities, such as truthfulness, loyalty, integrity in all life situations, whether good or bad.

 Top CBSE schools in Greater Noida
  1. Patience

The patience to bear the loss. Patience is not about bearing even the bad things but to react on them also. Every single individual should realize the importance of patience. Lifetime optimism will help them reach out for the stars. You will stop the hasty decisions with patience. Life is not about living in the past, or in the future. Life’s about embracing the moment. Whenever you are in any sort of trouble, people often advise you to have patience. Dear students we at one of the Top CBSE schools in Greater Noida have been able to achieve the notion of being the best just because of patience and honesty.

  1. Good Listener

Good listening is not something that we should be limiting to figures of authority. It’s something you can do with anyone you meet: your friends, your relatives, other important people, new people in your life-and even yourself. Effective listening provides you with many advantages, and also helps the speaker to feel valued. We should listen to what a person says within that feeling. Speakers 

are aware of the words they say and their thoughts or feelings

In Childhood Days Playing With Paper Boat | Top school in Greater Noida

After thinking a lot on what to write finally I concluded to go back in earlier times. Where everything was changed as per now. Good morning to Subh Prabhat, digital classrooms to classroom with a single blackboard and students bringing their sitting arrangements with them as well. But don’t you think still that was good. We had more independence to choose, to discover. Surely now at SKS one of the Top school in Greater Noida West have state of the infrastructure, education based on STEM approach but still I feel that we are missing something.

Top school in Greater Noida

Gone are the days when kids come to school in untidy clothes, with double colored socks and school uniform defines the status of the school. But still the fun in wearing two  colored  socks and when caught that pretty smile and sorry were the moments worth to captured.  I urge parents looking for top school Near Noida Extension to find time and think are their kids enjoying their life to the fullest. Are they enjoying like you enjoyed in your school time.  Today in every school we have laboratories but have you thought of those kids where they had their laboratories beneath the beauty of nature. From experimenting with magnifying glass, to test a self made boat in water. I am not forcing anyone to take their kids back to this time but they must make them realize these untold facts to them.

For parents looking for Top CBSE school in Greater Noida we wish you all the best of your selection but as an advice please find a school that not only hold their creativeness in the closed four walls but also let them explore the outer world.  Dear esteemed parents wo bachpan ki kazag ki kiasti may not be able to give it to any single member it will definitely wings to your kids and pleasure , the pleasure which they deserved the most.  In the age of modern and fast growing world when you look for Top ranking school in noida extension one they will surely say “we have vast area , sprawling campus to give your child wings to fly” .

Dear parents we urge you to support us in our initiate to bring back their childhood back, because in lieu of getting maturity they are getting involved in heinous crimes , so please let them come back in their child hood time and feel the beauty and essence of childhood.

Proper Utilization Of Technology At TOP SCHOOL NEAR NOIDA EXTENSION

SKS World School is one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida and hence we abide by certain rules and regulations in manner to allow students for using technologies. We are a technically equipped school however we make sure that technology does not affect the mental growth of students.Today through this blog we shall tell you how technology is used in our school and how much they should be used.

Use of technology at one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida         

  • Interactive classrooms by smart board

In the era of smart classrooms, teaching, learning process is made funfiled, excited and innovative with the use of digital technology. Keeping in sync with modern technology we at SKS World School one f the top school provider of best school facility IN Ghaziabad  has enabled  this enabled all its classrooms with smart classes. Each classroom is equipped with the hardware supporting syllabus modules, with an aim to bring a dynamic perspective in education.

  • Robotic Lab

Integrating robotics into our curriculum fulfils the need of present day learning environment where our future leaders need to be technologically sound to take artificial intelligence to the next level. We at one of the Top CBSE School In Noida Extension  have well equipped robotics lab supporting STEM education which encourages question based approach of learning.

Besides all these we make sure that apps and message portals designed for parents to track their child’s development and their status while they are in the bus is among our vital services provided to students with the help of technology.

Now when it comes to restrictions on technology and proper use of it we still focus on using paper material for the process of teaching and learning. None of the students are allowed to use or bring mobiles in the school premises. The school strictly considers that technology should be used in such a way that it only remain to us as boon and not as curse.  We are one of the TOP SCHOOL NEAR NOIDA EXTENSION and to achieve this notion we have strictly abides by the rules and regulation amd do only what is important for our future readers.

Benefits Of Studying In An International School | Best schools in Greater Noida

Once your child reaches age when they can gain knowledge it becomes important to find the right school. Most parents put much thought and consideration into choosing the type of school they want for their children. The way your child is taught by the school will contribute to the framework for their lifelong learning and building up of character. Each and every educational institution has certain features that differentiate it from the others. Popular schools in Greater Noida offers a comprehensive environment for your child that would help them learn things in a unique way. Here are a few of the advantages of studying at an international school.

Different Cultures Exposure:

Global education primarily follows a global program. In this form of syllabus culture is introduced from all over the world. This helps your child understand the world. In reality schools from all over the world embrace this form of curriculum. It allows students to understand culturally and helps them to work with people. We are one of the Popular school in noida extension and we believe in the power of exposure of different cultures and traditions however we make sure to imbibe in students the greatest values of only Indian traditions when it comes to apply on self.

Best schools in Greater Noida

Development of personality:

It’s very important to develop emotional maturity in children. You play your part at home as a mom. Best schools in Greater Noida from all over the world celebrate cultures. Your child would have the opportunity to interact with students from other nationalities as well as from other schools. This type of maturity is carefully instilled in SKS from the primary stage one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida.

Career opportunities:

The majority of the businesses and jobs are now operating globally. So if your child wants to make something big in life then they have to be an all-rounder. Many companies are looking for people with knowledge of different cultures and how to communicate with people from different backgrounds.

Extracurricular activities:

The syllabus of international schools includes extracurricular activities. Everything is there, from shooting to indoor games, swimming, horse riding, debating, and educational activities. They are therefore excelling in their talent, which later helps them get a chance at large universities and colleges.

Two Magical Words Can Do A Lot For You | Top cbse schools in Noida extension

SKS World School is one of the Top cbse school in Greater noida and hence it is our primary motive to bring all inclusive growth in our students.  However dear students today we will teach you two magical words that will help you a lot in the future. Guess what! We are definitely not going to give you a talisman that will change your life once you wear it.

Well we will not take much time in guessing what are those two magical words? Dear students these two magical words are Thank You and Sorry. While a sorry can help you get a second chance on the other hand thank you motivates you to do more good things in your life.


Dear students admitting your mistake and realizing that you have done wrong with someone or something is the first step towards yourself improvement.  We at one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida believe that all our students will definitely stand upon our teachings and will never hesitate to accept what they have done. Saying Sorry to someone does not mean you have lost respect near that person it only means that you have finally realized your mistakes. A sorry always helps you in getting the second chance to improve yourself. If your are saying sorry that means you are more responsible as well.

best schools in Greater Noida

Blaming external factors for your mistakes rather than taking responsibility annoys the person to whom you are expecting chance. Dear students we at one of the best schools in Greater Noida have always given and will always give the maximum effort to make you a better person and we believe that the lessons which we teach must not end after the school hour ends.  Always remember we are humans and committing is not unique and new to us,  anyone can be wrong , those who accept their mistakes are someone who are given chance and those who don’t have to regret in future.

Thank You: 

Saying Thank You is the most wonderful gift we can give to someone. Dear students being grateful to your teachers, parents , friends and non teaching staffs is profoundly important , it brings out a sense of kindness in you. Students you must have remembered that SKS World School one of the top cbse schools in Noida extension organized a separate party for labor’s day, grandparent’s day, and teacher’s day. The main purpose behind this to prepare students to express their gratitude for all of them who contribute selflessly in turning out the kids of today the asset of tomorrow.

Students we believe that this blog by one of the top provider of best school facilities in Greater Noida will force you to think again and discover the importance of Sorry and Thank You. these two are the magical words which will help you most in your life besides of hard work.

Keep Students Stress Free During Exam | Popular schools in Greater Noida

Finally the session of exams has started.  For some it is the most irritating time while for others it is the time to prove themselves. But one more fact is also related to exams that are parents have to rush to doctors more and often with their kids as mostly of them are suffering from exam phobia that either causes headache, stomach ache etc. Today we at SKS World School one of the top CBSE schools in Greater Noida West have decided to share the methods followed at our school to keep students stress free.

  • Active Recall

Active recall is one of the ideas for keeping students stress free at SKS one of the most popular schools in Greater Noida. By active recall students remain stress free before exams as they know they have to just revise what they already learnt.

  • Regular breaks and schedule fun things to look forward to

We believe in providing regular breaks to students to rejuvenate them. We at SKS one of the Best schools in Greater Noida facilitates students with a meticulously designed cafeteria to help them share their opinions and views on the matter of exam.  Acknowledging the fact the importance of healthy food we serve highly hygienic and fresh foods, snacks to students.

  • Teachers are always good friends

Dear students, it is necessary that you respect your teachers but always be free to share your problems as they are your good friends. We at SKS one of the best International schools in Greater Noida believe in being the best friends for students and being the torch bearers for them.

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